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    What will you do when someone harass and keep pester you?

    Started a fire and got yourself burnt... Is he single/married? Have a good talk with him and hopefully he will listen and let you go...
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    Need info about divorce mediation

    My advice is.. Change another lawyer. Either this lawyer have too many cases on hand (but still shouldn't handle your case like that), or simply 'bo chap'.
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    Good day everyone!

    Good day to you and Happy New Year Welcome onboard
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    I'm facing marriage issue

    Have pm you... :)
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    I'm facing marriage issue

    Do share about your problem.. So we can give some advices as well
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    Hello.....New here.

    Welcome onboard and congratulations!
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    Hello~ Let's be friends!

    Hi Yoke, Welcome onboard!
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    new mummy!

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    Re: Any Mum Still Pumping Breast Milk While At Work?

    If you are breastfeeding, try: 1) Pump/Breasfeed every 3-4 hours 2) Avoid eating: Chocolate, Spices, Citrus Fruits/food, cabbage, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli etc) 3) Eat/drink more: Starchy food (like potato, bread), glass of milk, plenty of fruits 4) Massage
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    Bikini for Daughter

    Well, that will really depend on your comfortability. For myself, I wouldn't mind my daughter (if I have) to wear bikini. As long as she's comfortable with it. Probably am one who's more open minded as well.
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    Abit side track though.. I don't really believe in gigolo club.. Why should we 'pay' in order for people to entertain/company or worst still, sleep and f*** us? lol However, if you really want to go such club, try google online. There are many out there..
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    Hi all mummies

    HI Catherine, Welcome onboard!
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    New member here

    Hi Iora, Welcome onboard. Don't really have 'tips' though. But they said 'Do it at the right time'. Meaning, do it during when you have your highest temperature.. Think 5 days after ovalution period or something... Though it doesn't work for some... Don't give up. I tried for closed to 3yrs :)
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    Relationship Issues - I'm in my early 3rd trimester period,

    Hi Yvonne, I can understand that. Am too in a similar way... After back from work, we both were so tired, that just want to rest... However, we still make up some time for some little communication. Like watching tv together, or even bath together etc. Or even just ask each other about the work.
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    Relationship Issues - I'm in my early 3rd trimester period,

    No matter what, communication is still very important in a relationship, or even marriage. Can understand both are fighting in the work force, to keep the family on going... However, some basic communication can be done as well. Like chat during lunch time... Or after work.. Spent that 30 mins...
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    Divorce feeling lost

    Well, not really sure of the reason behind the agreement of divorce... But for sure that even you did not pay for the HDB flat at all, you still can get 50% of it since house is under both your name. Thanks to Woman Chartered Law =D I trust you both are still staying together? Otherwise, can...
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    Housewife Confessions

    link doesn't work :D
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    New here.

    Welcome onboard... Jiayou! Am sure you can!
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    Relationship problems with my hubby.

    Agree with both. Bonding with kids is important, so as to bonding with partner. Probably try asking why he want to zz in other room and not with you?
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    New here

    Hey..Welcome too