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  1. fifilove

    House rental from HDB

    Hi everyone, I'm on a big problem here. Me n my hubby had apply BTO. And we need to have a rental house from HDB, coz my parents cast us out. And she going to sold her house too.. so if I apply a rental house from hdb how long can I get it. Coz we need asap.
  2. fifilove

    Add me :)

    Hi mummy, I'm love to make new friends so add me mummy on Facebook at or can find me Siti Rafidah Razali. i really friendly n love to make new friend n can share problem there.. Oh yah myb can message me there..
  3. fifilove

    Reviews on milkmaker tea.

    Hi mummy's I just bought online on earth mama angel baby organic milkmaid tea. so any mummy had drink this,care to share on the reviews and how to drink this tea? coz my milk is getting low, coz I stop for 3 days. As now I want to get back the milk n more. As my milk now I pump is 50 ml or...
  4. fifilove

    the feeling

    Hi mummy, I'm 7 months + pregnant and i had 9 months old son.. today i feel like the baby is getting lower and sometime i feel like i want to push.. Now i sitting also feel the baby is getting lower... Anyone can help me... whats wrong.. my edd is on 4 feb..
  5. fifilove

    anyone has this problem

    Im going to be 7 months pregnant. And its been 3 days I have this problem hard to breath n my tummy not comfortable. Anyone had this problem.? N what's wrong?
  6. fifilove

    Edd feb 2014

    Everyone i like to ask if we pregnant is it safe and good to use the foot patch ?
  7. fifilove

    Edd feb 2014

    curly star.. hahahah its team pink.. okey la one boy one girl.. after that need to take family planning.. if not get pregnant again.. wah very tired..
  8. fifilove

    Edd feb 2014

    hi everyone!!! my EDD is on 4 Feb 2014... And I had 7months old son... Haahaa wah I so fast get pregnant again...
  9. fifilove

    Mad about running noise.

    For the past 2 night went I get up from my sleep, my noise start to be itch and running noise come out. My husband every night he sleep very late, coz every night he playing Dota2 at computer, for me its okey coz thats the time he can spent his own time and space. But this 2 night I get up at...
  10. fifilove


    Hi everyone, I dnt know where to post this. I have been craving this for 3 weeks and dnt know where to find it.. I craving for creme brulee do anyone know where can i find it??? And Im staying at Toh guan near jurong east.. If can find near to my place is good.. :001_302:
  11. fifilove

    haveing a bad life with MIL

    where can i get a free Counselling?
  12. fifilove

    haveing a bad life with MIL

    And dnt event care if i have eaten or not bath or not.. They dnt care...
  13. fifilove

    haveing a bad life with MIL

    Nicepeople yah i need to fully move to my mum place, need to tlk to my husband first. Somemore the worst is if we not around at home, they will go inside our room n open our bag look at our things.. So kpo n no privacy. What they want to find i also dnt know...
  14. fifilove

    haveing a bad life with MIL

    Went b4 we move to my mil place, we had find a rent room.. But then my mil invite us to stay at her place, so she can teach me the things for my family. But we get cheated by her words. What she do to me now is make up story abt me, always want to nagging at me, by saying to my husband is show...
  15. fifilove

    haveing a bad life with MIL

    Not yet our income is not stable yet.. Coz we had apply bto n wait for 3-4 years..
  16. fifilove

    haveing a bad life with MIL

    I should have follow ppl say that we cant stay with mother in law, is a very bad idea. No matter how good they are if they offer me to stay. The last 2 days my mil nagging of me for nothing. What she think of me is wrong. First she nagged at me for follow my husband to office but that's what my...
  17. fifilove

    Suck all the dust..

    Do anyone know if there has any device that can suck the dust from air in the room?? if do have can tell me the brand name, how much its cost, and where to get.. thank you..:001_302::Dancing_wub:
  18. fifilove

    white thing at the tongue..

    Hi my son is 1 month 14 days old. This past few days he had a white thing at his tongue. And the the white thing is getting ticker. And I don't know is it can cause his voice to change (like went he crying like lose his voice like a sour throat). What should i do to clean the white thing...
  19. fifilove

    Hi babe is it works, to make our breast milk more? How long it take to make the milk more?

    Hi babe is it works, to make our breast milk more? How long it take to make the milk more?
  20. fifilove

    GNC Fenugreek

    hi everyone, I just bought Fenugreek at GNC. Coz of my breast milk is getting lesser, is been 1 week i didn't pump my breast coz of being so bz at home and helping all this household thing and taking care of the baby by myself. ( what a sadness life ) And now i trying to pump back, the breast...