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  1. xiehui1128

    Weekend playgroup/ enrichment for toddlers

    This article is so good! That's why I always encourage everyone to choose what's best for their kids, even choosing the right enrichment is one of the biggest factors of your child's mental and emotional development.
  2. xiehui1128

    Weekend playgroup/ enrichment for toddlers

    Hi there, I have enrolled my toddler on an enrichment class called The Umonics Method that specializes in memory improvement techniques. They do online classes at the moment due to the pandemic, so far the experience is good and I can see that my child is improving. Maybe you can try this too...
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    Preschool In Jalan Jurong Kechil

    I've heard this school is having a free trial
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    My child loves watching Mr. Bean and I hate it.

    i would suggest looking for some tuition school that would divert his interest
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    Looking for school?

    Do you still offer this promotion?
  6. xiehui1128

    Brain development

    I think brain development starts at home, as parents you need to ensure your child is getting all the nourishment from physical factors down to the environment they're in. Sometimes interventions from tuition schools are also beneficial in a child's brain development.
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    Great learning website!

    do you send your child to this school? any reviews so far?
  8. xiehui1128

    Memory Technique

    can you share more details what this course is all about?
  9. xiehui1128

    Getting custody.

    Great to know this!
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    School backpack

    try looking out at an e-commerce website, you can browse great deals for sure
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    Toddler Violin Lessons

    very informative, thank you!
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    Quality Preschool With Promotion

    also looking for tuition school that has on going promotions
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    how to stimulate your child's brain?

    this is also my question to y'all
  14. xiehui1128

    Coding school for kids

    that's so nice, would you mind sharing the method?