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    Arrival of baby girl Jing En on 31st Dec 2011

    Went for doc review for my pregnancy wk 37 last friday, 30th dec 2011, was told to admit in hospital on the day itself for induction labour. As i was been informed far too last minutes, i got work that day plus my supposed EDD is 18th jan 2012. Ended up changed to next following day 31st Dec...
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    What are the MUST HAVE THINGS in your hospital bag before preparing for delivery?

    hi, i alrdy 6th pregnant and it my first baby. :001_302: Thus there still alot things i unsure of. Wonder if any experienced one can advise me what to prepare?
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    Belly buttons and pregnancy

    i alrdy in 6th month for my pregnancy. i been experiencing severe itchiness since 2 weeks ago and been scratching too much, caused some bad scratch scars on it =( probably after 5th month, baby started to grow even faster and our tummy expand faster thus so much itchiness. But so far i didnt...
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    Hi all mummies. I new here.

    Thanks =) My baby been actively kicking me from inside for weeks =)
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    Hi all mummies. I new here.

    Hi everyone here, i new here. hope to exchange /share some experience or pointers. i having my first baby gal which is alrdy 5th mth (20th weeks). supposely EDD will be mid jan. :001_302: Hope that i can get to noe new friends here. :shyxxx:
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    EDD Jan 2012 Mummies

    Hi to all mummies, this is first child i having, alrdy 5th mth (20th weeks). EDD is mid jan 2012 also. =)