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  1. redjn

    3 minutes Cheesecake - 超省時生活 - 3分鐘起司蛋糕

    I had tried this myself, it works & they taste nice too. Maybe a bit towards sweet side.
  2. redjn

    hello i am new modern half working mummy here

    Hi, welcome to this big family.
  3. redjn

    Watch out for this VER BAD TV Repairman - named John from Feng Heng Trading

    By the way. The TV died on me last Friday total no power at all. So Dear all members please do not use this guy. It a very high price lesson I Learn.
  4. redjn

    Watch out for this VER BAD TV Repairman - named John from Feng Heng Trading

    Re: Watch out for this VERY BAD TV Repairman - named John from Feng Heng Trading Sorry I also don't have any solution for you. In fact I had let it rest after my anger's over. But I read about others bad experience with him had launched some complaint via Police Report & CASE but they since to...
  5. redjn

    Missed period but still -ve

    My dear, i am not sure if you are excited over this or you are worried. Anyway, is just 4 days, there are cases of being late for 1 - 2 wks yet not pregnancy sign. My longest lateness hit 2 wks & is due to stress. If you are so tends up why dont you visit a gynae & get over it once & for all.
  6. redjn

    Happycall double pan from lejel

    I bought my set fm Gmarket for $62.90 nett, so far no complaint & I also help my colleague to buy 5 sets in total. The only issue when u order online, the time is longer (say abt 1 mths shipping time) Household Goods -
  7. redjn

    Running Nose

    please refer to my earliest msg. there is a attachment. the TCM detail is in there
  8. redjn

    Unborn sibling to give a present to the current child

    I have not heard such before but recently I think I saw the "present thing" on TV channel 8 where 1 daddy bought a present to his elder son just to ease the elder sibling from the threat of their new arrival.
  9. redjn

    Daddies,Mummies,pls take note!

    Is kind of sad reading thro' your kid issue but I am glad that currently his condition had improved. Be strong as he need all the support you can give though it is hard for you to take care of 2 kids at this time. I wish you all the best & may your kid be discharged for home very soon.
  10. redjn

    Watch out for this VER BAD TV Repairman - named John from Feng Heng Trading

    Watch out for this VERY BAD TV Repairman - named John from Feng Heng Trading This is a lesson I will remember, never rush into. All the bad remark on him mention online is all coming to surfacing .... sigh ~~~~~ read more about him 1) Bad service TV Repair Man from Feng lucky Trading -...
  11. redjn

    What to feed my 7 months old ?

    I cooked mashed potatoes, pumpkin and also ABC macaroni with chicken/fish stock adding on mashed carrot. my boy love it so much.
  12. redjn

    Had intercourse a day before Ovulation - Will i get pregnant

    the chances is very slim. we did it 1 day before my ovulation I am not Pregnant...
  13. redjn

    Any mummies here still go clubbing??

    Yes, occasionally if there is a gathering among my friends. My last visit is in ST James..
  14. redjn

    water bottle brush

    I was using Avent's brush to wash all my kid bottles, quite costly but so far is the best of my using. I found them in Kiddy Palace / Tom & Stephanie / Baby Kingdom.
  15. redjn

    What are some great food recipes to cook?

    Some of us posted some recipes in here. Take a look see if u find anything interesting.
  16. redjn

    3 minutes Cheesecake - 超省時生活 - 3分鐘起司蛋糕

    I Happen to watch this on tv, find it interesting & think most of u will like it. 3
  17. redjn

    5 - 7 Minutes Chocolate Truffles (超省時生活- 松露巧克力)

    I happen to watch this on TV from Jpn and find it is pretty interesting & strong believe this will be of favourite to lots of us. title : 超省時生活- 松露巧克力
  18. redjn

    Simple Tiramisu

    I am really glad that till now the recipe is still in the heat for everyone. Hope all of u enjoy it. :P
  19. redjn

    hi wanna make more frenz

    to the BIG FAMILY
  20. redjn

    single mum and stressed out ! need to talk BADLY !

    Not sure if you still got a chance to see this. Is a bit too much for you to take at this age, but you got to stand on your feet fm now on. you really had to out down your pride & approach your parent again for help. At least beg for forgiveness & hoping your parent at least take in your kid...