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    18 month in playgroup

    Ya. Since I'm on part time now, I was thinking most of the time I can also do the teaching n guiding to him too. N you know.. ha.. sometimes I'm quite worried about the HFM and germs being spread in these centres.. my boy has got HFM once and does not have a very strong body.. so I try to let...
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    where to get cheapest milk powder?

    I always got mine from Malaysia too. Much cheaper. And so far no problem.
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    Merry X'mas 2012! (Share your deco and gift ideas here!)

    Thanks =) Just a very small one. BUt it definitely brightens things and moods up! ha..
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    Merry X'mas 2012! (Share your deco and gift ideas here!)

    My small Xmas tree! It makes the house warm!
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    Career or my bb

    I took unpaid for 2 months, after which i discussed with my boss for a part-time arrangement (only worked from Mon to Wed). Thereafter, my mil helped me with Mon to Wed and for the rest of the week, I have been full time with my baby... thanks god that i have a considerate boss. It has really...
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    2 year old with eczema and dry skin

    my boy has eczema too.. i use organic mild skincare for him... and try to have organic cotton wear or at least 100% cotton wear for him.. he has sensitive skin.. so i have to be real careful
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    Unable to slim down?

    i am unable to slim down too.. but i heard about another product.. and am thinking whether to try..
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    18 month in playgroup

    yes. my 18-month is at playgroup now. but only twice a week. he loves going there. but he is a bit shy to play with friends there. but he concentrates and focuses a lot when the teachers teach..
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    HK trip on Jan 2013

    No worries. I brought my 18-month boy to HK last month too. I just brought enough healthy snacks and his favourite toys and books to keep him occupied. The flight was smooth. He was perfectly fine. Just that he was a bit too excited and kept talking... ha.. passengers around him were much...