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  1. KeliaDracu

    Using an Interior designer

    Interior designers can be a great help in making your space look fantastic, but the cost varies widely. It's essential to set a clear budget and discuss it upfront. Regarding the big furniture stores offering complimentary interior design services, I've heard mixed reviews. Some are genuinely...
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    What games does your child play?

    If you're looking to buy game consoles from your younger days, you might want to check out online marketplaces like eBay or Craigslist. They often have a variety of vintage gaming consoles available for purchase. You can also explore local thrift stores or pawn shops, as they sometimes have...
  3. KeliaDracu

    Free online courses (English, Maths, Science) available

    The idea of free trial lessons and promotional courses at discounted prices is fantastic. Learning from experienced teachers who have taught Cambridge A-level and AP courses to students worldwide sounds like an amazing opportunity to level up my language skills. As for me, learning is a journey...
  4. KeliaDracu

    So I installed Windows 10...

    Due to wanting to mess around with DAZ3D which I used to do, I had to reinstall Windows 10 back on the SSD that I had mt Linux Steam Games on... Granted I haven't really play around with the Program in like a week and a half. so... But this is really going to be Rant here, but... Plus side...
  5. KeliaDracu

    dr woo bit hwa

    what's his clinic opening hours at Tiong bahru? Thanks!
  6. KeliaDracu

    Delivery in KKH or TMC?

    TMC services drop a lot
  7. KeliaDracu

    Please dun watch right aft a meal:)

    That's funny.
  8. KeliaDracu

    When the Mum is not working!

    This is so cute!
  9. KeliaDracu

    Creating NFTs

    Creating NFTs might seem like a big deal, but it's not as tough as it sounds. There are platforms out there that make the process pretty user-friendly. Just pick your digital creation, follow the steps, and voilà – you've got an NFT! Have you heard of a white label cryptocurrency exchange? It's...
  10. KeliaDracu

    Crypto Mining

    crypto mining can be beneficial if you have enough knowledge and resources
  11. KeliaDracu

    What's your favorite Windows?

    Windows XP was brilliant
  12. KeliaDracu

    Are you from the casino?

    i don't like casinos