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    Should Single Mums Get Baby Bonus?

    hihi, just my penny of thoughts. i guess the reason behind why single mum not entitled to BB bonus is because of many reasons..... basically, the govt just wanna raise the "quality" of singaporeans i guess. observation: many single parent come from a single parent family... thus the notion is...
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    EDD in Oct'09

    my edd is 24 oct 2009 and i will be delivering in TMC! i just completed my 14 wks and i put on abt 1kg only. :) i heard that the weight should only come in in the last trimester. :)
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    dr woo bit hwa

    hi any mums (or mums to be) here uses dr woo bit hwa as your gynae? can share your experience with him? any comments and is his sewing good? and what's your anatenal package like and where you choosing to give birth?
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    Dr Wong Mun Tat from Thomson Women's Clinic

    hi, can you please also share what is his anatenal package like?
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    anyone seeing female gynae at KKH?

    hi, may i know how much it cost to see at KKH private suite? do you take up any anatenal package with them? can share the costings?
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    Dr Adrian Woodworth at Compass Point

    hihi, i am interested to get Dr adrian Woodworth as my gynae. may i know how do i make appt with him? where is his clinic? the antenal package of S$550 is include GST as well? does it starts as soon as 6 or 7 week? thanks!!
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    First Experienced

    hihi, i oso just tested positive 2 days ago! i am in the really early stage of the pregnancy! i think this is the 20+ days so i am in my 4th wk? How to calculate? ironically, i had the MS right from the beginning, since one week after i made love with hubby. is it normal to start having MS...
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    Guide for our new member

    hi all, i am new! reason for joining the forum is because i just tested positive 2 days ago! i am a first time mummy and feeling extremely excited but lost! please do advise what i am suppose to do next? i know the date i conceived but i do not know how to calculate the pregnancy week. My...