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    WTS: Combi Retractable high chair

    Pic as attached: Condition 9/10. Selling at $130 with delivery. Working hours can be arranged. Do call 8522 5521 for fast reply. Thank you.
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    Graco playpen

    Item sold. Thank you.
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    Graco playpen

    Collapsable and in good condition. Selling @ 80. Delivery can be arranged. Msg for pics. 85225521
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    Peg Prego Orange Stroller for grabz

    Tks for all interest. Given.
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    Peg Prego Orange Stroller for grabz

    Have the above for exchange with 1 packet of XL merries diapers as token. No.2 came so upgraded stroller. do PM me your hp number for pics if keen. Thanks for viewing.
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    Please give your opinion!

    propertyguru is about the only good portal to have consolidated info. Others will be agent's personal site, etc. If looking at a particular area, hdb site can give you a average resale price index.
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    Need advice... 21 mth old girl still do not speak

    Every child's development is different. At least the child attempts to talk, unlike my friend's who kid is almost 3.
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    one year old travel

    Read somewhere before that it's not advisable to boil mineral water. For me I brought the whole sterilizer. It's bulky but process wise a lot more convenient.I brought it for my trip to states when kiddo turned 1.
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    Refreshing 1yr old gift

    Saw this from a mummy and thought it was a refreshing customized gift.
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    PEM Confinement Nanny

    Anyone used them and care to give a feedback ? Link as follows: Confinement Nanny in Singapore - Pem Confinement Nanny Agency
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    General Tonics

    ya already brewing chicken /other soup with some herbs for her alrdy. Just exploring more options.
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    1st time Mom at 37 YO :)

    Warm welcome. Must have been a journey to get here today. There's a wealth of discussion on the topics you mentioned. Do read around.
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    Hi Mummies, Confinement Nanny advise please

    There's a thread all about domestic helper and confinement lady. By experience we don't usually do their visa, other then work permit if u want.
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    Keep e faith. Jia you !
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    There has been many sad, difficult and challenging moments for parents to be. Personally felt you shold have gone for a thorough check for cyst and other complications because you just wated 1 round of IVF cost and there's limited susidy to how many attempts one can have. Success rate thou...
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    General Tonics

    Thanks for your advice. She's on the usual vitamins and salmon oil from gynae. Was contemplating something from Eu Yan Sang TCM clinic. Perhaps will just brew soup for her, like black bean, etc.... Currently on the lookout for good maids to help out so meanwhile my nights are spent doing all...
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    traveling soon. worried. any advice?

    No worries. We just travelled to states, pregnancy into 9weeks only and with a 1yr old kid. Able to cope jet lag, fatigue and all that kinda thing. At immigration, just declare you are pregnant and they will let you pass immigration with a simple metal detector and not those overhead or 360...
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    Stretch mark creams

    i swear by clarins. no marks after birth. or perhaps quite individual as well.
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    General Tonics

    Well story goes that my kid just turned 1 in Feb 2013 and my wife is expecting our 2nd and already 3mths into it. I"m concerned for her health in general, her energy and "qi" that kinda thing. Would love sharing on better preparing her body for the 2nd child and for her personal wellness. Or...
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    bringing baby overseas?

    it's not that bad. Just need to keep them occupied and distracted. One thing for sure we won't be able to enjoy our inflight entertainment as compared to the past but it's all worth it.