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    Parent-Child Art Bonding Workshops

    Learn about Universe Start young in Goal setting
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    Latest Anti-Aging products!

    Pico Pigment Removal Program Pico is quite popular now and most importantly is, I like the way it is packaged into program =D
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    June Holiday 2018 Workshops!

    Learning about Universe Start young in Goal setting
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    Learning about Universe Start young in Goal setting
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    P5/P6 Small Group English Tuition@Jurong West

    Learn about Universe Start young in Goal setting
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    Qisi.Workshop for Preschool to Primary 6 Chinese Enrichment Class

    Learning about Universe Start young in Goal setting
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    Learning about Universe Start young in dream setting...

    Learning about Universe Start young in dream setting
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    Looking for kids CLASS!

    Learn more about Universe
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    June 2015 Holiday Programmes Learn New Things

    Learn more about Universe
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    5 Habits of Highly Effective Students

    Learning more about the Universe?
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    Hair loss and thinning

    Not sure how serious it is. But for my case, hairloss only happens after delivery (for the next 4months)..after that it is back to will grow back Eat more nutritious food is the most impt. If want to seek for professional help, can try radium at suntec.. i went there for facials...
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    Will Laser Remove Permanent Makeup?

    I don't have much information on this but it is best to seek for doctor advice before you proceed with any treatment. Aesthetics Clinic Singapore
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    wad Skin care r u using ?

    I used quite a few brands - Laneige toner and moisturizer: - For eye cream and lifting, i will get from Radium:
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    Any good scar healing product for the face

    you might want to try vitamin E or chinese pearl powder... i do use them and i find it quite effective - esp the pearl powder. for treatment wise, i think you can go research and get advice from the doctor..
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    Chalets/resorts in Singapore...

    Super no long never go chalet! Is there any new one around?
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    Latest Anti-Aging products!

    there is this facial i quite like - u might want to give it a try
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    Loose weight n detox

    Thanks for sharing. I heard TCM is quite good too... Can also research fat freeze for reference
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    Baby First Foods

    Thanks for sharing! Maybe can try sweet potato puree Visit Radium Medical Aesthetics today.
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    Good Anti Acne Products to recommend?

    i will use oxy10 at night..i find it quite effective for acne spot... you may want to give it a try you may also want to try acne treatment.
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    Any good products to recommend, where to get them?

    i think SK2 (for dry skin) or laneign (for combination skin) is quite good.. you may want to get some samples over the counter to see if they are suitable for your skin. rem to go for monthly facial to pamper your skin i think any clinic is good so long you can relax and products compatible...