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    2nd Trimester - Safe to travel?

    My wife and I bought tickets to France earlier this year before we knew she was pregnant. The trip would be during her 23rd week. It’s gona be a 13 hours non stop flight. Gynae told us it’s okay to go. Anyone else took a long flight during the 2nd trimester?
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    bad flu during pregnancy

    Hi mummies and soon to be mummies out there. My wife is currently 18 weeks and just had a a bad flu. Temperature rose from 36.6deg to 38.9deg in a few hours. since it’s a Sunday, the gynae clinic is closed. Called her gynae and he asked to go to any clinic to check. Brought her to a GP and he...
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    First Baby Incentive at TMC

    Took up the FBI for my wife. Had 5% discounts for checks like the OSCAR and 20 weeks detailed scan. On top of that other incentives like insurance and also $100 off room.
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    Guide for our new member

    Daddy soon to be. Nice to meet all of you