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    I was physically blocked from delivering my baby-Looking for a gynae who can help with my legal case

    I am shocked at how insensitive and callous they can be, although your post was in 2019, I hope that you've found a resolution.
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    Hi I am a new member!

    hi there, I'm also a new member, kinda weird that I can't start a new thread to introduce myself, so just doing it here!
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    Fish feeding and the nitrogen cycle

    fish can survive on much lesser food than we give them. depending on the species they may even eat micro algae that grow in your tank. I'd suggest under feeding instead of over. observe your fish's stomach, if they looking too skinny, then you can slowly increased the dosagee.
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    Learning with TikTok

    I don't think its the best place for a child to learn anything especially not monitored. Alot of the trends are inappropriate for minors and potentially dangerous. Really educational stuff is few and far between.