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    Seafood Warehouse Sale

    Check out this warehouse sale I found online! Bought the Argentina prawns over the weekend and it was really fresh and good. Will be going down one more time this weekend to get more ingredients for my reunion dinner!
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    Baking oven

    hi mummies, let's share about what ovens you use for baking! :Dancing_wub:
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    First time making eggettes!

    had hong kong withdrawals, so i got myself a cornell egg waffle maker. quite easy! i followed this recipe Egg Puffs tasty for my first try! but next round will be even tastier, hehe
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    Purr-fect kettle

    Super cute hello kitty kettle that came into the market recently. What a great housewarming gift will it be! Anyone bought it yet? It look so cute and I am surprised it's functional. Haha :D
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    What oven are you using?

    I heard of this baby belling oven - a popular UK brand. Baby Belling oven’s temperature range goes up to 245 degrees so you can experiment with different recipes and bake a wide range of pastries. The oven also comes with a hotplate, which allows you to cook and bake in one oven. Isn't it...
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    Hob replacement recommendation pls!

    Hello mummies, I need help & recommendation to replace a 80cm hob that don't seemed to be selling in the market anymore. Hope that I don't need to resort to renovation. Please help. Appreciate it! Thank you in advance.
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    The Number One Oven for Baking Christmas Goodies

    Bake batches of tasty snacks such as cookies this Christmas with the Baby Belling oven. After a two-year hiatus, the manufacturers decided to resume production of the Baby Belling ovens. The newest iterations come with revolutionary technology and they work better than their predecessors. Fans...
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    The Perfect Christmas Gifts for all the Wonderful Ladies in Your Life

    Get the special ladies in your life gifts they will love. In the spirit of Christmas, TURBO is holding a special promotion. Yay!!! Who doesn't love a good promotion? Promotion comes in a form of a set! T1609 Hob + T601 Cooker Hood + TFM8608 Oven + TMO25 Microwave Oven Usual: $2,087 Special...
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    Hello kitty makes my kid's appetite go up!

    My kid is really picky when it comes to eating. After purchasing this Hello Kitty sandwich maker to make sandwiches for my daughter, she just can't wait to see her lunch box every morning. Its really adorable when she is like this. Just to share with you mummies who faced the same problem as me...
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    Father's Day Dining Choices?

    This Father's Day what have you had planned to celebrate? I was thinking of having seafood at The Boxing Crab, saw their promotion on their Facebook. Seems not bad! Crab, oyster and many other seafood buffet!!! Looks yummy and a treat my family will surely love. Their facebook can be found...
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    Top 10 Home Cooked Dish

    Saw the Lee Kum Kee competition online! (Always been using their sauces, glad I saw this) Its a competition for the top 10 home cooked dishes. You just need a pair to form group. Those who love to cook, time to hone your skills and win a 4D3N trip to Guangzhou! How exciting! :) More...
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    Warehouse sale!

    Dear Mummies, TURBO having a warehouse sale this weekend from the 29th to 31st March 2013! Location @52 Loyang way. Don't miss it!