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    hi,im 21 week and 4 days preg. past few days i been feeling my baby kick every morning and almost there is a specific tym baby will kick. but this morning im not sure if baby did kick me anot. till now there no thing. i been drinking cold water since preg til now so cold water dont seem to help...
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    a very huge issue

    hey mummies or daddies , would like to ask for some advice for my friend. currently she is preg but she has no clue who the father. is it her husband or is it the guy tat she has affairs with. because she did have sex with this two guy on the same day, which she thought is safer. now she has...
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    Missed period for goin 2 month but negative Test

    Hi, I had two miscarriage 1 is on nov last yr, one is on March tis yr.. I came my first period aft miscarriage on April .. Lasted 7 day as per normal.. Bt miss the May period .. Nw goin end of June yet no menst news .. Bt I been feelin hungry easily tis few day , saw a light straight line Frm...
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    Trying to conceive after miscarriage

    Hi mummies , had a miscarriage on nov, and the second one is on March.. Currently preparing my body.. Menst came on April 22 but now is June , menst not yet arrived tested wit 3 test kit all is negative.. I feel so sad .. Cos I been praying for miracle to happen .. I wanted to recuperate my...
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    suicidal thoughts

    i been married for nearly 3 years , been tgther wit husband for 5 year. had a daughter goin to turn 3 years old this year. al this while i hav been finding out tat husb have been finding massage girl on wechat , tagged, now even MAID. i dun even care if he did meet al tis sorts of me he...
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    Argument btw me and my husband family

    Does reali cutting bald for my girl matter so much?they keep wanting to cut bald for my girl,when my girl hair is so thick n nice..seriously I jux tel them cut short short wil do..but my husband insist cos those hair is dirty..pls advice.
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    Any mummies staying cck? Below 25yr old? Meetup?

    I'm Christina staying cck ..Hav 1 daughter 3 mnth old..hope to meet up with mummies :)
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    Hi I'm Christina here.. Hope to meet up with mummies :)