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  1. epicurean

    WTG: ITO stroller

    Sorry, my friend has already given away the stroller :(
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    Appeal for prayers for Mohammad Raiyan

    Thanks for all your prayers. Raiyan's family decided to let him go yesterday morning after blood had ceased to flow to his brain. He had been unconscious since his admission into PICU and doctors could not detect any response to external stimuli. His brain stem had also deteriorated in terms...
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    Appeal for prayers for Mohammad Raiyan

    Please pray for Mohammad Raiyan who's currently unconscious in PICU (NUH). He's 5 this year ... in 2008, he caught the virulent strain of HFMD and suffered brain damage. His story is covered in the following article: Media Articles::National University Hospital He lost consciousness a...
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    A word of caution

    Would like to share 2 articles from the Today newspapers about stem cell therapy. The 2nd article is a forum letter in response to the 1st piece of news. 1st article: Taken from TODAYonline | World | Baby dies after injection in the brain Baby dies after injection in the brain 05:55...
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    Introduction + child's Medical condition

    Hi quvette, I'm sorry I can't offer you the direct answers that you seek. What I can share is that if my boy (now 2.5 years old), who has severe CP in terms of severe physical (including visual) & cognitive impairment (he's very low-functioning, high dependency), recognises & realises we're his...
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    Introduction + child's Medical condition

    Hi quvette, Welcome to the forum ... Just to address your questions about early intervention programmes ... referrals to hospital rehab centre(s) are usually for 'ad hoc' issues or to act as a transitory point for the child (waiting for placement in special schools) to receive therapy. My son...
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    Cleft Baby

    Hi Ashbaby, My husband's colleague's daughter has cleft lip & palate. She has undergone surgery and I think she's around 2 years old now. He's also active in Operation Smile (Spore chapter).
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    Introduction + child's Medical condition

    MaLee56, My friend whose gal was on the ketogenic diet has these comments to share: Background: Her gal was placed on the diet when she was 8 months old to control her seizures. Was on the diet for a year plus. Her parents tried out the diet coz at that point in time, no med could really...
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    Introduction + child's Medical condition

    Hi MaLee56, Personally, my experience with NUH has been largely positive so far. With the exception of 2 docs (in the general ward & paed general medicine), I find the docs, nurses, support & admin staff to be compassionate, professional, driven & meticulous. Coz of my boy's multiple issues...
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    Introduction + child's Medical condition

    Hi MaLee56, Welcome to the forum and I'm very sorry to hear about your girl's condition & challenges. I don't know about recorded cases of PDCD at NUH but my son's initial diagnosis was in-born error of metabolism and we were advised to transfer him to PICU at NUH and see Dr Denise Goh &...
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    Hi jxmom, I understand how disheartening & demoralising it can be that the seizure meds & changing of meds have not been working well for your girl. Would like to share my friends' experience ... we became friends when our children were admitted into PICU around the same time and their girl &...
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    Baby refuses to take medicine

    :tlaugh: Really? I usually get them from Kiddy Palace or Robinsons.
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    Baby refuses to take medicine

    Hi Starbat11, The medicine bottles are extremely miniature versions of the milk bottles with volume ranging from 10 to 15ml, precisely to minimise the possibility of the child not finishing the med & to avoid wastage (eg. med coating a regular milk bottle). Coz my boy takes his seizure med...
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    Baby refuses to take medicine

    Hi Starbat11, What works for my son is his medicine bottle (either Nuby or Munchkin brand). It's like a miniature milk bottle so I mix the med with his usual milk and he takes the med bottle first then followed by his regular feed.
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    Hi jxmon, Welcome to the forum :) My boy (now 2 years old) started having seizures at 18th hour of life and it worsened to the point of 5-6 seizures an hour. He was on a cocktail of seizure meds (sorry I can't remember the names of the meds now) and sedated to control the seizures. When he...
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    I am lost...Need help....

    vinder79, My hubby and I had many quarrels about having a second child and now we're at a deadlock. He really wants another child (preferably a girl) coz we're not getting younger ... for Seb to have a sibling ... he wants a child who will be with us when Seb is no longer around ... for a more...
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    Is it necessary to do MRI for my CdLS baby?

    Hi Tyon, I'm very sorry to hear about your son's condition and struggles. If there's anything, just ask in the forum coz one of the most daunting things about raising a child with special needs, is feeling alone on the journey of parenthood. About the MRI scan, it was useful for my boy coz...
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    Baby Diapers?

    Hi newmum80, Yeah, I also find huggies dry comfort (red) better than huggies dry (blue). My boy uses huggies dry comfort for day-time and I agree with Ting about not keeping a diaper on for too long (even if the diaper is those long-lasting ones) to prevent discomfort & nappy rash. For...
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    Need help! Baby Fever!

    Hi jojoki, Sorry for the false alarm and to have made you worried :embarrassed: That pic was taken a long time ago during one of Seb's bouts of low-grade fever. We thought he looked like some ninja warrior with that fever patch so took a pic which I recently changed as my avatar. Hope...
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    Any mummies bring your kid to treatment or activity other than the usual PT/OT??

    Hi kristen_mum, I used to use a Reebok gym ball (friends got it from a sports shop) when my boy was younger (less than a year old). Now I use a peanut roll (exercise ball in the shape of a peanut) coz that allows for exercises that need me to sit with him on the ball. Available from DnR...