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  1. epicurean

    Appeal for prayers for Mohammad Raiyan

    Please pray for Mohammad Raiyan who's currently unconscious in PICU (NUH). He's 5 this year ... in 2008, he caught the virulent strain of HFMD and suffered brain damage. His story is covered in the following article: Media Articles::National University Hospital He lost consciousness a...
  2. epicurean

    A word of caution

    Would like to share 2 articles from the Today newspapers about stem cell therapy. The 2nd article is a forum letter in response to the 1st piece of news. 1st article: Taken from TODAYonline | World | Baby dies after injection in the brain Baby dies after injection in the brain 05:55...
  3. epicurean

    Things to be thankful for

    As mummy to my child with special needs, I find myself always trouble-shooting coz challenges/problems/medical issues keep sprouting up. Most of the time, the negative, depressing, worrying, scary stuff overshadows the happy, positive things coz the former is just so much stark and more pressing...
  4. epicurean

    WTG: ITO stroller

    I've got a friend who's looking to give away her boy's ITO stroller which he no longer uses. Here's the link with the pic and product specifications about the stroller: Ito Stroller, Size 1 - Alvema Ito It's quite pricey (US$2,000 - $3,000) so she thinks it would be a waste...