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    WTS : Tummy Binder

    Wore once, as good as new, as per picture. Letting go at $12. PM Me if keen. Also selling off Medela PISA, PM me if keen. Thanks.
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    WTS : Medela PISA

    Bought at the beginning of this year. Pump sparingly for only 2 months as baby reject bottle feeding so mostly latch on. In good condition. Letting go of all these for only $320 1) Medela PISA Backpack style (US set) 2) 9V adaptor US 2 Pin (I bought this additional adaptor coz it is much...
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    BN blouse

    Brand new. Washed but never wore. Bought at &29, to let go at $15. Add Normal postage $1, or $3.24 for registered mail.
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    WTS : BN Ladies' Blouse

    ought this at $28, washed but never wear coz doesnt fit. letting go at $15 by normal mail.
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    WTS : shoes

    Preloved shoes. Hardly wore. yellowish stain on the white area due to storage, not for fussy, no box. $12 by normal mail. Reservation by payment. Shoes length (outer) is 15cm.
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    WTS : BN Souvenir Water Bottles

    Brand new Souvenir Water Bottles. All 5 for only $12, collect at Sengkang.
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    WTS : Baby Gift Set

    1) BNIB 4 pcs gift set 2) BNIB 4 hankies 3) BN soft toy All for $20, pick up at sengkang.
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    WTS : Bottle Cap

    9 bottle caps at $4 by normal mail
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    WTS : 大风艾 confinement herbal bath

    4 packets at $5 by normal mail