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    PMS when breastfeeding stops?

    I've been breastfeeding for 7 months now and my supply has been decreasing because I want to stop. Right now, I'm pumping 80ml per day. My menses has not resume yet. I understand that there will be a change in hormones when breastfeeding stop. Is that the reason why I feel so depressed for...
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    my baby drinks little but many times!

    My son is coming to 7 months old now. Since birth, he has been drinking very little milk but very frequent. right now, he drinks about 30 ml and then stop. then he will look around, be distracted and i have to try coaxing him to drink more. and then he will drink about 80 ml in total and stop...
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    How much $ do you expect from your children?

    In this forum, there are lots of rumblings and discussion with regards to how much to give in-laws, giving too much to in-laws, how much to give own parents, rate to give parents who look after their grandchildren, etc. Let's reverse the role. Just wondering, once your child start working...
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    Coconut Oil Increases Beneficial Properties in Human Breast Milk

    I was searching the internet on laurics for my work and i came across this paper on the above topic. I thought it's quite interesting so I'm sharing the link for everyone.
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    Tax break for breastfeeding mothers

    i was google-ing on tax breaks for biofuel.. and then google auto-fill showed me this. so out of curiosity, i clicked on it. i thought it's interesting that the US has such a thing and it's only implemented recently! interesting read. but does it encourage more people to breastfeed? i don't...
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    Fruit juice during weaning

    I read that fruit juices have to be diluted. Does anyone know the reason behind this? What ratio of dilution is good? Until what age do I have to dilute fruit juices for my son? my son just turned 5 months. i made orange juice and diluted it 1-to-1. I fed him about 4 teaspoons (he didn't...
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    DIY Flash Cards

    I intend to create my own flash cards of alphabets, numbers, common words etc etc. The way I'm going to do is to find pictures on google or take photos of people/items that my son see everyday and put them in a picture file with its name in english and mandarin. After printing the picture on...
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    What are the top 3 qualities you want to instill in your child?

    let's share! for me, 1. humility 2. respect 3. diligence
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    Salsa dancing

    Hello! Any mummies doing salsa in this forum? I'm dancing salsa socially but my husband doesn't. I'm trying to get him to learn but he is too shy and not a dance person. He doesn't even dare to try during a free salsa workshop.. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can get him try, tell me...
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    Dialogue Session with Working Mothers and Young Parents

    Hello! Just informing everyone here about a dialogue session with REACH. Hopefully we can get our voices heard by the government to change their policies to better suit what challenges citizens are facing. I intend to bring up the affordability of housing and infant/childcare for...
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    Side effect of vaccination

    Hello! I just want to check if any mums experience this. My son is 4 months old and had just gotten his second 5-in-1 jab together with oral rotarix vaccination on Wednesday. On Wednesday night, we spotted a few red spots on his thigh but didn't think much of it as we thought it's a...
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    Recommend books on recipes for solids

    Hello! Just wondering if any mummies out there can share any recipe books that they have read on month by month/day by day/week by week for kids starting from 6 months onwards? Is there any asian/chinese food version? majority of the books i see caters to the western style of diet...
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    Hi moderators! I realise that there's lots of spam in the past few days. There are many 'replies' in normal threads (breastfeeding, 2010 mummies threads, etc) advertising their services. Is there anyway to solve this, like the 'Report as spam' button in facebook? Though I can ignore, I just...
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    CNY ang bao protocols

    Hello! This year will be the very first year I'm celebrating CNY as a married woman. Hence I'm clueless to whom I'm suppose to give red packet to and who I shall receive from (if i'm allowed to get any). Do we give to single friends? Children of relatives who are single? Married...
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    Differences between husband and wife

    Ever since my husband and I started dating, I realize there is a huge difference between us. He is from ite while I'm a degree holder. So I tried to ask him take some private diploma to boost his employability, which he did. I'm sure my pay will be significantly higher next time when I start...
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    Pediatricians in Toa Payoh, Bishan Area

    Does anyone know any pediatricians in Toa Payoh, Bishan area? I want a doc who is patient, experienced and most importantly, answer all the concerns I have about my baby and give assurance to the mother. Hopefully it's not too demanding of me. =D
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    What do you apply around baby's neck?

    Baby's have a short neck with many folds. Sometimes, my baby will perspire and the neck will be sticky. There will also be a sweaty smell around the neck area in between the folds.. May I know what mothers put at the neck area so the baby will feel comfortable and prevent the stickiness and smell?
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    Washable Nursing Pads

    Hi! I need help in reviews of washable nursing pads. I'm currently using Avent's. I do not like it as once it's full, it will start leaking at its sides and my bra and shirt becomes wet. Sometimes, it absorb milk and doesn't spread through the whole pad and wet just 1 small area, causing the...
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    Hi! After 3 weeks of natural delivery, I'm having piles. When I pass motion, there's fresh blood among my stools. I'm wondering whether the piles are from the delivery. If it is, then I should be getting bloody stools in the first week rather than now. I'm not having constipation and having...
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    Leaking Breastmilk

    I've got the problem of leaking breastmilk. Within half a day, my breast pad is fully soaked with milk even though I latch my baby or pump milk out at regular intervals. When I latch my baby on one side, the other side will leak about 10ml (i collected using breast shell and measured it). I...