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    Yoghurt and Cheese

    Dear mummies.. can feed baby below 12 months yoghurt and cheese? If yes?? what brand and where to buy??
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    Unable to sit by herself

    At 8 months, my baby is still not able to sit by herself... i am worried. is there anything wrong?
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    How to feed solids

    I have a hard time trying to feed my little one.. She will only sit still and eat half the portion. Then she start getting restless and it will be so hard and messy to feed her.. How can i make it easier to feed her.. she is 8 months old.
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    Mothercare Sales

    There is mothercare sales at the oulet in harbourfront. Saw the long queue...
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    Brushing of teeth

    Dear mummies when do u start brushing ur baby teeth and what do you brush with? Thanks
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    Amount of solid to feed

    How much semi-solid do you feed your baby for 6 months?
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    clean teeth

    is there a need to clean/brush baby gum?
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    Baby cry when see stranger

    Out of a sudden.. my ger start crying when stranger talk to her.. she cry very loud and hard. how can i handle this? should i still continue to bring her out and let her get used to see people? How long will this last?? She used to be able to be carry by anyone...
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    Hi Mummies Anyone sign up for cordlife?? Care to share the details and costs? Thanks..
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    Facial products and makeip

    Any recommendation on facial products and makeup suitable for use during pregancy?? How do i know that they are safe? What are the things i need to look out for??
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    how many sets of clothes to prepare for newborn bb

    Hi All Care to share how sets of clothes will be required to prepare for bb?? Thanks,,,
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    Itchy Tummy

    Hi All Anyone has such problems?? I am using some moisturers from my doc... but it does not really helps.. My tummy also has the small pimples.. Any recommendation on cream i can use? hmm .. no cocoa butter smell pls.. dun like.. :p Thanks..
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    Recommend beast pump

    Hi Mummies Any recommendation on breast pumps? Seems like the most popular brand is medela.. Any other brands that are just as good and cheaper? Thanks.
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    Anyone attending any classes to help on smooth delivery

    Any recommendations on classes for pregnancy? staying in west area....