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    which formula is best for breastfed baby?

    Question as above, which brand of fm will breastfed baby accept better? Thank you!
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    where to give away ebm or what to do with frozen ebm

    hi, i have 20+ bags of ebm in my freezer but as i am now fully latching, the bags of ebm are not put to use and some are 'expiring' (frozen over 3 months) so i'd like to find out where to giveaway or what i can do with the milk so that i will not but my milk and all my effort in pumping to...
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    WTS Medela supplemental nursing system BNIB (giveaway nipple shields)

    please help me... i don't want this to go to waste and it can really help someone else who needs it. if you know anyone who needs it, do send me a msg. thanks!! more here:
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    WANT TO SELL: Medela Supplemental Nursing System BNIB (giveaway free nipple shields)

    Please see this link, with pics attached and freebies too! thanks!!
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    Father in law

    most of u hv problem with your MIL but i hv problem with my FIL! i stay with my in-laws. no choice, hubby is very filial type, kinda promised them that he will always live with them... MIL has been doing all the chores and kept very busy at home and helps me with bb too but i am v possessive...
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    latch or express? dilemma!!

    I'm in a big dilemma and hope experienced mummies can help. Currently my 20-day-old bb has been milking me full time. She either sleeps or wants to latch, and she sleeps very little! Because of that my life has been a complete wreck. I wake up when she cries, first thing is latch her... Whole...
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    how many post natal appt?

    How many post natal gynae appt will there be? Just curious... I'm having my first one tmr... Wonder if there will be somemore?
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    what kind of semi-solid food does infant care feed babies?

    As above... Just curious when bb reaches 6 mth, what does infant care centres feed babies w? Anyone w baby in infant care can share~?
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    anyone bought confinement shampoo etc from online? any feedback?

    anyone tried the postpartum products from this little dreamers site b4? any feedback? very tempted to get the warming shampoo and the healing bottom spray...
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    "Call Me Maybe" spoofs by USA Olympic Swim Team & USA Marines i dunno how to embed >< anyone can help me pls?
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    Barley, ginkgo nut & bean curd skin dessert soup - okay or not?

    First, i've read a book that my mum bought, written by a chinese author and advised that pregnant women should avoid barley. i've been avoiding barley eversince. So when my MIL (i stay w in laws) made the dessert I was wondering if i should take, but since doc nv says cannot take so i guess...
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    pacifier - need or want?

    Can baby do away with pacifier? I'm thinking not to buy any... Any comments? Must babies have pacifier? Thanks!
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    what to drink as replacement for water during confinement?

    I was reading up the threads under the breast feeding mums support group and see that mummies need to take in plenty of fluids to produce milk... During confinement we can't drink plain water right? I only know of the red date tea and milo, what other forms of fluids are available to replace...
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    Young Parents Fiesta 2012 (22-24 June) at Marina Sq Atrium

    just bought young parents magazine and saw this YP Fiesta 2012 so just to share :)
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    nappies, bumwear or moomoo kow?

    i am aware of the many similar threads which i have read through... many are on bumwear. moomoo kow having some promo during coming motherhood fair at expo so very tempting... also seems like not suitable for newborn, so need to use nappies first in the first few weeks? any reviews? thanks!
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    Motherhood Exhibition (31 May - 3 Jun 2012) Welcome to Motherhood; Calendar of Events @ Singapore Expo Hall 6B Motherhood 2012 | Singapore EXPO
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    How long does it take to get a place in infant care/child care?

    i just saw this article so just to share... Diva - Many infant care centres but no vacancies i've heard from some of my close girlfriends that they have been waiting for up to a year or more as the waiting list is super long, while they only want to go for places that are convenient, obviously...
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    Feeling sore throat & heaty... what to eat/drink?

    i'm having this painful sore throat which is really making me feeling very down and sick... and i have been drinking packet milo whenever i feel slight hunger pangs at bedtime... wondering if it's too heaty... but not good to drink cooling things also right? any suggestions on what to take to...