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    Spalding Method

    Any comment on Spalding method????
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    Toilet Trained at night for 3 years old

    Mummies, can share how you get your DS/DD to sleep in your bed without diaper at night or nap? my ds only wears diaper at night, tempting to try without diaper but duno how to start ..:nah:
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    Conceive for Fully BF Mummy

    Hi Mummy here.. What is the chance like to conceive when fully BF and menses is not here yet?? when is the best time? Any Sharing? :we2Randy-git:
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    Kay Poh Road Baptist Kindergarten - Any comment

    Any mummies got bad or good experiences to share? Thanks :tlaugh:
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    Infant month by month Development guide

    Anyone got such guide to share? Just for reference. Thanks
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    Beware - All Places with ball pits.

    Received this, just wana share and any parents got bad experience? Please share.. where to avoid? Not sure if this will happen in Singapore...but better to be aware of it DON'T IGNORE THIS , PLEASE READ!! This could happen to your child McDonalds, Ikea, Go Banannas, Discovery Zone...
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    Good nursery class in central area

    Heloo.. any sharing or good recommendation of good nursery school around Tiong Bahru area??:err:
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    Rainbow Vacumm

    Is rainbow vacumm really good? have been seeing this rainbow thingy here and there.. any sharing on this and its functions..
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    Do you use cane?

    I am so tempted to buy a cane for my boi... anyone to share your experience??
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    How do you discipline your ds?

    I hates to see my ds talked back, screamed when he is talking to his grandparents & aunties and even cry to get what he wants despite telling him not to do so... is it normal for them at 3 to behave in this way.. any advise or your experience to share?
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    Refuse Milk

    My boi refused milk since he wean off my bf at 2+, what to supplement in order to ensure he takes enough calcium??