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    Calling all staying in Everton Park, Spottiswoode, Cantonment and Tanjong Pagar

    more information about the fee, teacher and structure please?
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    Yes think the main thing about Kumon is about building foundation, adding, subtraction, multiplication or division is the basic foundation leading to more difficult topics like linear equation... it have to work hand in hand with English, only with strong foundation in Maths and english, the...
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    hey.. which centre? maybe my boy and your boy are kumonmate??
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    Kumon ultimate vision is 'world peace thru education' they believe in cultiviting life skills to the child, educate them to become a better person, not only acedamically but also characteristics, naturally, as an individual become a better person, they will influence people around them to become...
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    Totally agree with Wayne's Mama! No doubt not every child is suitable for Kumon, I also believe no single method will suit every child. Anyway, there may be some misperception about Kumon drilling the kids and get them to memorizing through constant writing...Kumon is not to drill them and get...
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    Spalding Method

    Any comment on Spalding method????
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    Hi Wayne Mama had mentioned almost everything what Kumon is trying to achieve for the child... you must believe in the method and stay on for long to see the fruits...The assessment you see outside is different from the classwork or homework, they are different. You can't really learn kumon...
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    Toilet Trained at night for 3 years old

    Mummies, can share how you get your DS/DD to sleep in your bed without diaper at night or nap? my ds only wears diaper at night, tempting to try without diaper but duno how to start ..:nah:
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    Conceive for Fully BF Mummy

    Thanks, as i am still fully bf and my menses is not back yet, so kind of difficult to track.. Anyway I will find out more from the web as you suggested :tlaugh:
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    any breastfed baby sleeps thru the nite?

    Hi Karin I fully understand why you ask... both my ds and dd wakes up pretty often to suckle, have been doing that for 3 years... but lucky they sleep with me, so not too bad..
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    Conceive for Fully BF Mummy

    Hi Mummy here.. What is the chance like to conceive when fully BF and menses is not here yet?? when is the best time? Any Sharing? :we2Randy-git:
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    Shichida Method

    Good that your gal enjoys.. my boi enjoy a lot also when he was with them.. thus continue till my 2nd one come along.... but put back .. haha he also forget liao... now I put him with Kumon..
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    Kay Poh Road Baptist Kindergarten - Any comment

    Any mummies got bad or good experiences to share? Thanks :tlaugh:
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    Good nursery class in central area

    Hi Thanks for the site, he turns 3 this Oct, intend to enrol him for pre-nursery next year...
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    Shichida Method

    So chupa, how's your gal progression?? well i think every method got is value and it is still depend on individual child. No single method can do wonders to all children.. that's how I feel. I sent my boi for about a year when he was around 15mths, stop becos having 2nd one.. so cannot...
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    Washing of their clothings

    same here.... first child very good, separate as long as I can remember. for my second one, start to wash everything together when she is 4 mths old. And since they can take it, so good for us :Dancing_wub::Dancing_wub:
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    Infant month by month Development guide

    Anyone got such guide to share? Just for reference. Thanks
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    been to silmming centres??

    I am still breastfeeding my girl.. any side effect?
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    Beware - All Places with ball pits.

    Those cases were not reported in Singapore.. but think i will not let my boi to such place from now on.. think of it, quite true.. how often they would clean the ball pits... Ikea?Zoo?
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    Beware - All Places with ball pits.

    Received this, just wana share and any parents got bad experience? Please share.. where to avoid? Not sure if this will happen in Singapore...but better to be aware of it DON'T IGNORE THIS , PLEASE READ!! This could happen to your child McDonalds, Ikea, Go Banannas, Discovery Zone...