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    16 month toddler doesn't want to eat or drink

    My domestic helper was just terminated and sent home.. 2 days later baby starts to reject all milk given to her (she's all along been on ebm).. After that she caught flu and cough and she's got 2 front teeth coming out.. I've been trying to give her milk, porridge, her favorite fruits and her...
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    Switching milk bottles- Baby don't want to drink milk from new bottles/teats

    Hi all, I'm not sure how many mummies out there have the same problem with me.. I am currently using medela bottles and evenflo storage milk bottles. (the one i only have to attach the teat when in use). they sell in pack of 4. The teat i used was medela wide type. My gal is currently coming to...
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    Breastfed baby not passing motion for 2 days

    My Baby is now 4 months old. Exclusively breastfeeding. She hasn't been passing motion for the past 2 days. Is this something i should worry about?
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    Clumps in breast milk. Help!!

    Hi, I'm new here. Need advise if anyone here has experienced having clumpy breast milk. For the past 2 days I noticed my expressed milk has clumps in it. It's substance like toufu which doesn't mix within the milk itself. I'm not sure if this is safe for my baby's consumption. I've been...
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    Clumps in breast milk?

    Hi, I'm new here. Have some questions on expressing breast milk.. Wonder if I can get some answers here.. I've started pumping breast milk since day 2 on the birth of my baby girl. My baby is 1 month plus old. From yesterday, i've seen clumps in my newly expressed breast milk. It's somehow like...