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    Play mates for 4 !

    Hi mummies! Finding friends for my 4 yo boy, seems that most of my friends child are all younger than him! Anyone in? (::Dancing_wub:
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    Hi mummies, i will be heading to legoland this coming weekend for my son 4th birthday. As it's my first visit to Legoland, any mummies care to share what should not be missed during my 1 night stay there, (food, games etc..) Btw, my hotel room cost $400+ for one night, is it suppose to be so...
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    SAHM Wannabes!

    Hi all mummies! I am a 23yrs mummy and have recently resigned to have a short rest. But I have been thinking to be a SAHM for my 19th mths old boy. I would like to know more mummies with the same thinking as me to earn some basic income at home. I have no idea what to do as a home based job or a...
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    Any FT working mummies getting less then 6 hrs of sleep everyday? Im worn out recently, how to cope?!
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    The Body Shop

    Any mummies a fan of TBS?
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    Make up class

    Any mummies here took up makeup classes? Hows the prospect like? Can share more?
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    Baby Spa

    Any mummies bringing their babies to baby spa? Those baby swimming centre for infants?
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    Healthy Times

    Any mummies feeding Healthy Times Brown Rice & Cereal? I cant figure out how to make it into a puree texture. No matter how i make its still watery, i know we can add in feeding bottle but i want to try feeding bowl. Whats the ratio like? I'm feeding my boy 180ml of FM. 4 months + now. Give me...
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    What should i start giving to my 4 mth?

    4 mth baby currently on FM. Im totally clueless what am i suppose to feed him other then FM. My mil n mum seems clueless too. Gosh! Please help mummies!
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    MERIDIAN Curtains And Furnishing ( Direct From Factory )

    Meridian Curtains and Furnishings in Singapore offer a wide variety of inexpensive curtains and blinds, as well as wallpapers and carpets. Our window curtains and blinds come in a variety of colors, designs, and material. Regardless of what type of space you have, be it a board room or a...
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    Home Base Job

    Any mummies truly pick up a home based job. Theres so many post here but all seems too good to be true, can any mummies share with me? So i can spend more time with my precious. (:
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    WTS: Chicken Essence

    6 bottles BRANDS Chicken Essence with Cordyceps exp: 12/05/2014 7 bottles BRANDS Chicken Essence with Cordyceps exp: 14/07/2015 6 bottles NEW MOON Chicken Essence exp: 04/06/2015 8 bottles NEW MOON Chicken Essence exp: 28/05/2015 8 bottles NEW MOON Chicken Essence with Cordyceps exp: 17/04/2014...
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    Wts: Dom benedictine

    1L Dom I have 3 for Sale. Got too many as gifts during my confinement. Many people selling $40 online. I'm letting go 3 for $80, if you're getting 1 is for $30 Please contact me at 83232060 as i seldom login to this thread. Thanks Mummies!
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    AVENT Feeding Bottles

    MUMMIES! 3 Brand New AVENT 9oz Feeding Bottles I have too many extra bottles and my baby actually dont use AVENT! He likes Pigeon LOL :embarrassed: From what i read 3 Classic 9oz bottles retail at $38.00. I'm letting go at $20, i will throw in 2 free 4oz classic bottles as well also Brand...
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    PHILIPS AVENT Electric Bottle and Baby Food Warmer

    Brand NEW! Not even used once. So sorry i dont have the box with me cause i threw it away as i didnt expect i will sell it. Bought everything in preparations and end up i am feeding FM to my baby, thus i didnt use the bottle warmer at all. With the Philips AVENT Electric Baby food and Bottle...
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    PHILIPS AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

    Preloved item, used for only few times. MIL prefers the old way of sterilizing so have to let go. Retail for $159, letting go for $40. Everything in good condition only the box not included. I find it useless so i threw it away since no intention to sell it in the first place. Please contact...
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    WTS: Philips Avent Single Electric Pump

    Mummies alot of Freebie comes with it! Only used ONCE! In good condition 1 Electric Breast pump with Massage Cushion Nipple Cream 1 Breast Shell set 40 Breasts Pads 10 Milk Storage Cups Guide to Breastfeeding CD Rom/Instruction Manual Extra Spare Parts 3 bottles clinically proven to reduce...
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    Central Area - Looking For Babysitter in Depot Road

    Please contact me asap if u have a recommendation.
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    Babysitter In Depot Road Area

    I need a babysitter at depot road area, contact me at 83232060 asap. (:
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    Babys weight

    whats ur baby weight when he/she is at of 2 months?