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    *Pre-Order* Effective Post Natal slimming Cream & Body Line Corset!!!

    Hi mummies, I am using this products and I find it very effective after giving birth.. I'm still doing confinement and i see that i really slim down alot after everyday applying the cream and do the binding.. I am taking orders for those who want to order the products can e-mail me at...
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    my baby learn things very slow..

    my boi is 7 mths already.. he only know how to turn around only.. he don't know how to sit n crawl.. why he so slow de?
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    i'm so sad.. PIL maid dun let me be with my kids.. what should i do? n my mother in law n my husband side the maid.. i dun know what to do.. i think i'm going crazy..
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    hi.. i'm new here..

    Hi.. I'm Fiona here.. have 2 kids.. one is 2 yrs old n another is 6 mths old.. i dun really know how to use this web.. n i hope to know more friends.. i'm 20 this yr n i dun know anything.. my husband n my mother in law always bully me.. i really dun know what to do..