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    Selling baby cot/playpen

    Hi! I'm selling my baby cot/ play pen. Lightly used. Clean and good condition. Email me at if interested. Thank you!
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    Salompas backache plaster for preg mummies?

    Does anyone know if there's any backache plaster like Salompas which preg mummies can use? I read the instruction for Salompas and it says not suitable for people sensitive to Aspirin, and Aspirin is what preg and breastfeeding mums avoid. So is there anything I can use? Hope to get something to...
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    Is anyone here a KKH subsidised maternity patient?

    Hi! Just wondering whether anyone here is a subsidised KKH patient? I'm considering whether to switch to KKH subsidised patient to save cost... how much do u generally pay for each session?
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    Peg perego Stroller and moses basket

    Hi! I'm looking for peg perego stroller and moses basket like the Mothercare type: Mothercare Singapore Looking for lightly used, good condition ones. Willing to exchange moses baskets with baby wipes too.
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    Any mummies using Stokke or Quinny strollers?

    Hi! I'm intending to get either of these. Any mummies using Stokke or Quinny? Are they good? Also, anybody using Stokke baby carrier?
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    Advice on care for 2 year old n newborn

    I'm expecting my second baby next year n by that time, my son will be 2 year old. Would like to hear some advices on how you arrange care for a toddler n newborn? The grandparents can't help out full time, only now n then as my mom is working n my mil has health issues. I'm not working now but...
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    Sore nipples as baby sucks very hard

    Breastfeed pass one year and baby's sucking is getting stronger now, making my nipples tender and painful. Any advices from moms who have bf passed one year? My baby loves latching on and dislikes bottles as long as I'm around. Prefers milk to solids although he do eat but still requests for...
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    WTE: Avent baby bottles and teats

    Anybody has items to exchange for brand new AVENT 3M and 6M teats and bottles? See pictures here: Baby And Me: Selling baby items Need items like Pigeon wet wipes, Mamy poko L size pants, Kiddy palace/NTUC voucher etc. If you have other items, can email me too. Contact me at
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    Avent baby teats and bottles for sale (New and unopened)

    Hi mummies, I'm selling off brand new Avent bottle teats and bottles. Never opened before. AVENT 6M+ teats $6 AVENT 3M+ teats $6 Buy both at $10 AVENT Advanced BPA free, 1M+, 260ml (twin pack) bottles $30 AVENT less colic BPA free, 125ml bottle (single) $15 Have to sell them as my baby...
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    Breastfeeding and TTC?

    Any mummies breastfeeding older child and trying to conceive? Must we wean baby off the night feeds? Coz I'm fully breastfeeding my one year old. Dunno whether its possible to try for second one now since my period is super irregular. Just came back few months ago and it comes about once every...
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    MIL say baby isn't taking enough nutritious food

    I hate it when people make comments like your baby is not looking chubby or his cheeks are not as rosy as before... and it happens that I have an Aunt who likes to give comments, always comment this comment that, always like to say something even if it doesn't concern her... and this Aunt...
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    2 baby teeth - needs cleaning?

    My baby just grown 2 new baby teeth. Do they need cleaning or brushing? How do we clean them?
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    How much water should 8 month old drink?

    I've not been giving baby water when he's on breastmilk only. Now that he is taking semi solids, I guess he should be taking a good amount of water? How much should I give him? I fed him more than 100ml in a sippy cup and he drank all. He drank a few sips at a time and drank throughout the day.
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    Pimple like growths on baby's body

    I found pimple like growths popping out occasionally over his body and sometimes a few on the face recently. I wonder what they are. They get smaller with moisturizer applied but still, a few kept appearing. Any mummy experienced this on their baby? Do you know the reason they appear?
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    Where to learn baby sign language

    Did you teach your baby sign language? Where can I go to learn baby sign language with my baby? Or are there good CDs to recommend? Thanks! I've heard of GRowing up gifted. Do they teach baby sign language?
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    Baby's head shivering

    Dear mummies, my baby has this problem of his head shivering (moving from front to back) when he is nursing to sleep. Its only for a few seconds and stops but its scary because it looks like epilepsy. My baby is 4 months and a half. Is it coz he's cold or he's afraid? His head starts shivering...
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    Using sippy cups

    How old is your baby when you introduce sippy cups? Which is the best type? With or without handles? My baby hates bottles so I'm thinking of going for sippy cups when he's 6 months old, skipping the bottle totally. I'm latching all the time now.
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    Holiday in US with 1 year old baby

    Hi mummies, I'm going on holiday with hubby and baby who will be one year old by then to the States. Do you have experience bringing baby on long flights? One year old does not need air tix and willbe sitting on our laps? How to let baby sleep if he has no cot? How about breastfeeding one year...
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    My baby is 4 month old and these few days started becoming very cranky, drooling a lot and sometimes put four or more fingers into his mouth. When he was playing with my hands, I realized he's biting it, I can feel his gums, not only just sucking. Could he be teething? His screams are driving me...
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    Blocked ducts :(

    My breast feel hard and lumpy and super painful only on the right side of my left breast and engorged feeling doesn't go away with a feeding (I latched baby on). I checked my breast and found a white blister on the nipple. Must be blocked ducts. Do u mummies had this prob before? How to deal...