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  1. november

    What Enrichment Classes are you all bringing your 2009 babies now?

    Hi All, my son is already going to be 21 months now. Thought it's time to send him to some enrichment class. Thinking of Shichida, Growing Up Gifted or Julia Gabriel. Any others? Any Comments / Comparison between all these?
  2. november

    Why my baby got no appetite?

    Dear all, I'm so worried! My 13 mths old boy had been taking porridge since 8 mths old and until recently, about a month ago, he started rejecting it and feeding time is like war to me now! He's always crying whenever I try putting porridge in his mouth and when finally stuff a spoonful into...
  3. november

    Birthday Cakes - For Kids of all ages

    Re: Birthday cakes ^_^ Do u have time to bake one for me for my son's coming birthday in mid may?
  4. november

    What Fishes for 9mths old BB porridge?

    I'm giving 150ml of FM to ds but sometimes he also dun finish it...
  5. november

    What Fishes for 9mths old BB porridge?

    Hi all, care to share the range of fish that is suitable for cooking porridge for my dear 9months old coming 10 mths boy? My mum always buy "Ma Yao Yu" in cantonese, any idea what's that called in english, so that i can go buy in supermarket. One more question, my boy is drinking 4times...
  6. november

    My Baby is sick...Help...

    Thanks all for ur help. But sore throat and no voice, how will u all deal with it?
  7. november

    My Baby is sick...Help...

    My baby has been having diarrhea for the past 3 days. Now his small little buttock is bleeding from too much cleaning. He is crying so badly everytime we need to clean him up, my heart so pain to see his buttock skin come falling off. Already went to see doctor and taking medicine, but i guess...
  8. november

    8mths old Baby, screaming in the middle of the night

    Cannot. I tried sticking in the pacifier. The cries got even worse with his head turning away left and right vigorously. Like very "cham" like that.
  9. november

    8mths old Baby, screaming in the middle of the night

    My 8 months old bb boy, since last week has been waking up in the middle of the night, screaming! Or should i say, crying very very badly, like as if in great pain like that. I've to wake up and carry him. But still no use. Feed him, he doesn't drink. Its so tiring and at the same time also...
  10. november

    Baby Pool and Neck Float

    I bought my son's neck float (19.90)at beauty world. They sell alot of nice cute floats too.
  11. november

    How to address genital area to ur babies?

    I somehow find it weird for a young boy / girl to say, mama, my penis / vagina dirty, can clean for me? Maybe i find its too young an age for them to really know what is it. My friend's 3year old son had been taught penis too. He started fm saying, mouse got tail, i got penis. Then slowly...
  12. november

    How to address genital area to ur babies?

    I'm just wondering, when i'm cleaning up for my son, do i say, mummy clean your penis or bird bird or kuku? In future if i have a girl, do i say - vagina? How do u mummies out there name it to ur babies??:wong29:
  13. november

    Female Gynae. Any recommendations?

    My gynae, Dolly Wee fm Mount E 7 flr. Package $600 fm 20 wks
  14. november

    I'm tired of Feeding!!!

    Thanks all mummies. I know i just need to be patient and Anyway, i just need a place to " throw my temper " Thanks all, once again. Feeling much better now. Yup, guess i'll continue with the brown rice cereal slowly and surely he'll learn to accept other food. I'm too excited to intro him...
  15. november

    I'm tired of Feeding!!!

    Dear baby is now 25 weeks. Started him solid at 6 months exact. given: brown rice cereal, fresh mashed avocado and steamed egg yolk w milk. I'm feeling really tired at feeding time, cuz baby will fuss and cry. He doesn't really know how to swallow and i guess he's hungry, so he got...
  16. november

    Any mummies change brand of FM at stage 2?

    Now that my ds is 6 mths old, he'll be proceeding with step 2 of friso. but i've some samples of other brands, wondering if i can let him take it? Cuz if leave it there, like very wasted. And also, now i'm starting him on solids. So far only tried Nestle brown rice cereal, which he is eating...
  17. november

    baby sucking hands

    Ya loh, my boy also suck till got very loud sound. Start with thumb then fingers and eventually both hands! Gave pacifier, but reject! prefer his hands.
  18. november

    Anyone Thinking of a Punk Harstyle for ur Babies

    My baby now 5 mths old. I'm thinking to cut his hair, cuz its not grown evenly after the 1st mth shave. I'm thinking to give him those funky funky hairstyle (like: remain the centre portion, remain a patch behind or remain a patch in front) Thinking of this, cuz, can take photos and keep as...
  19. november

    8kilo at 4.5mths, means overweight?

    My son at 3 mths jab already 8.45kg, also 150ml / 3hrs (sometimes cannot finish). The nurse at polyclinic told me, not to worry too much of his weight gain, cuz it'll slow down when he learns to crawl. She also ask me to start solids at 6mths. So i dun think u should get too worried. For ur...
  20. november

    Chicken Skin

    Thanks all... Ya, its like Goosepimples. And it doesn't seem to bother him. After apply lotion, it will be smooth but after the lotion "dry off" it'll come back again! That is why haven't visited doctor yet and I haven't bring my baby to any pd yet, have been having all immunisations at...