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    Single Parent Travelling with Kids

    Hi all, Would like to have some suggestions on the places to visit during school hols. I am a single, full time working mother with 2 daughters age 9 and 11. Am now trying to plan on where to bring them overseas during the school holidays. Please share your experience with me too!! :)
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    Freelance Japanese Translators

    Dear mummies! (and daddies) I am currently looking for freelance translators for Japanese language. Work from home, paid per assignment. Interested parties please drop me a call @ 62612128. Or if you know of any of your friends or relatives able to do so, do intro too! Thank you very much!
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    WTS Double Stroller for $120

    Dear mummies, im selling off my double stroller at $120 as im moving soon. Bought in 2013, seldom use as my younger gurl prefer to be carried. Self collection at jurong west. Interested mummies pls pm me.
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    Freelance Translators

    Dear Mummies! My company is currently looking for freelance translators (both oral and written) for European and African countries, E.g. Polish, German, Russian, Italian etc. This is a home-base assignment and you may work from the comfort of your own home. Please drop me a message if you are...
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    Renewal of Contract

    Hi, can anyone share with me the procedure and full costs of renewing my helper's contract? My helper from Philippines has been with me for 1.5yrs, her contract will ends in April 2013. I had spoken to her and she wishes to extend 2 more years. I tried to apply renewal in the MOM webby but they...
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    Maid Issues

    Hi mummies, has anyone here have the experience of having the revoke of your maid's pass?? What happened after you do the appeal??
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    I hate my mil

    Ok, mummies, i know this kinda posts are alot in here and i did post some previously too, but i really need to vent it out!!!!ARGH!!!! My mil is an ass!! She is a super good actress!! In front of others, she act like this innocent kitten, everything also scared, very vulnerable. But in front of...
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    Additional Room for Privacy

    Hi mummies, does anyone has any idea roughly how much it will be if I want to partition an additional room out? Im staying with my mother in law n brother in law n my hubby n I can only afford a 4rm flat, so I'll need to make an additional room coz I dont want my kids to sleep in same room as my...
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    Additional Room

    Hi mummies, does anyone has any idea roughly how much it will be if I wana partition an additional room out? Im staying with my mil n bil n my hubby n I can only afford a 4rm flat, so I'll need to make an additional room coz I dun wan my kids to slp in same room as my mil :( My hubby thinks...
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    Oily Scalp, dry hair :(

    Dear mummies, i had given birth last year and recently i realised that my scalp had become very oily but my hair is still dry!! It has become so dull and limpless... I had tried several shampoos but its still the same, like i washed in the morning, by evening, oily liao...then my hair on the...
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    Hi to all mummies out there, guess almost everyone has problems with their MIL. Mine had always been there if you had read my previous posts, but im really reaching my limit!! I had recently got a new maid, she is great! she dotes on my kids very much and she is good with the housework...
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    Baby Sitter in Jurong West

    Hi Mummies, I'm currently a stay home mum and would like to take on some baby sitting assignments. Kindly pm me if interested. :)
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    Good dentist to recommend

    Hi mummies, would like to check if there are any good dentist to recommend in the west?? My girl is 2 this year and i would like to start her off with good dental hygeine. Please recommend!! Thanks!!
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    Need a good preschool in West area

    Hi mummies and daddies, my child is turning 2 this year and im looking for a good preschool for her. Im looking at both half and full day as long as she is able to learn things. Had tried my first skool, but no more vacancies, same for cherie hearts...any good recommendations??
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    Divorcee applying for HDB flat

    hihi, may i know if its possible for a divorcee with 2 kids to apply for a hdb flat? i'm not 35 yet, but i have 2 kids under the age of 3...pls advise
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    I'm so tired

    Dear Mummies, i'm so so tired!! Physically and mentally...i have 2 kids and though i have a maid helping me to take care, the maid is full of problems and i'm in the middle of changing her now... I have to work, have to worry for my kids, have to worry about their simplest things like the food...
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    Where are my rights???

    I'm just so super pissed!! I'm staying with my mil and I'm really hating every moment with her around!! My 1st child is 21mths old and my 2nd is almost 3mths. Whenever I'm scolding my 1st when she did something wrong, mil will interfere. She will keep asking my girl to go to her then still offer...
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    Firming of tummy

    Hi mummies, I'm curently having my confinement and i had already did the massage by a malay lady. Now my tummy is considered flat but when i sit down, there are folds!! I guess coz its all the expansion of the skin and now after delivery it has loosen..:embarrassed: Any good suggestions on how...
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    Not wanting my confinement to end...

    Hi mummies, i'm currently having my confinement at my mum's hse now, but it will be over soon and i drag to go back to my hubby's place. i'm staying with my mil, bil and sil will drop by sometimes with her kids. I'm not on good terms with sil, we dun tok at all after a quarrel, and now is...
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    Darkening of underarms

    Hi mummies, I noticed that my underarms darkened alot during my pregnancy. I had already given birth abt 2 weeks ago but my underarms are still the same... :( it's quite any mummies here exp the same thing? If yes, then are u all able to get rid of it?? :embarrassed: