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  1. mrsmahadi

    Teen Mom

    So here I am, sitting at home enjoying my cup of oatmeal with my princess asleep on my lap watching the telly. When I see the words 'Teen Mom' sprawled across my TV screen, I don't know if you have come across this reality show on MTV but boy it is interesting. Teen Mom is the sequel to 16 &...
  2. mrsmahadi

    Online blogshop catastrophe

    re-posted with facts at another form in mummysg. thank you!
  3. mrsmahadi

    Help! Infant care centre or home baby sitter?

    Hi mummies, I have just given birth to a beautiful baby girl. She's almost a month old now. I will be back at work in Feb 2011 and am wondering whether to send her to infant care centre or to a home baby sitter. For infant care centre am planning to send her to PCF little wings at J.west...
  4. mrsmahadi

    drinking olive oil helps for a smooth delivery?

    Hey ladies, Is it true that drinking olive oil before going into labour helps for a smooth delivery. My aunts swear by this technique and even advise me to pack a little olive oil in my delivery day bag (D2B). XOXO Maz
  5. mrsmahadi


    I am 11 weeks preggy now. I keep vomitting out whatever I eat.:we3sad: My glands are very swollen and sore now. Plus I have this bitter taste in my mouth making it impossible to eat. Since I have been vomitting out whatever I eat, I start drinking the similac preggy mummy milk to make sure the...
  6. mrsmahadi


    First-time mummy to be:Dancing_wub:..very nervous and excited at the same time. Most definitely very curious since I have over a million questions :001_302: about pregnancy (please bear with me), thought it would be best if I joined a forum and share experiences as well as knowledge about...