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    introduce solid food to baby

    Here are some articles that you may find helpful regarding feeding your baby solid food. Happy reading! The Complete Guide to Starting Solids: Introducing Solids:
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    IVF/ICSI/IUI general support and Discussion groups 2010

    Thanks for sharing! Was able to check out the website and it's filled with lots of helpful information parents can use. Good luck!
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    Do you cane/ spank your kids?

    I don't resort to spanking or any other act that may cause physical harm. I sit down with the child, let him/her realize what he/she did wrong and the consequences of such action. I believe spanking will only strain the relationship between parent and child.
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    Special attention for Special Needs

    Special children are just that...special. They need extra care and attention from the people around them. That's why I admire those who work with children with special needs, for their passion, patience and heart to help them live happy lives.
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    Losing weight

    Thanks for the tips, edy. While I was reading it, I felt like my head's gonna explode! How can some follow this diet on the dot? After having 4 kids, I feel like I owe myself to stay fit. I sure hope I could stick to this!
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    Single mummy.

    Thank you for sharing. This will definitely create awareness among single parents. Especially love the fact that the organization will provide emotional and financial support, since I believe these are the things single parents need help with. I'll help spread the word.
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    My 8yo Daughter is Still in Diapers

    Hello! I'm new here and just read this thread. I agree with some of the parents here that she needs to learn how to use the toilet independently soon. How is she now?
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    How did u get to know about mummysg??

    Came across mummsg through a random google search...and I'm glad I did! I can't wait to explore the site and get to chat with fellow moms out there.