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    My 5 yr old boy has got lymphnodes on his neck and at the back of the ear. Though it is common in young children but i am still very worry.Anyone experience this .pls share any cure or prevention.
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    Flu Vaccination

    Hi mummies, Is giving flu jab for children below 5 yr old popular.I thought of letting my 2 boys take the flu jab due to current H1N1 or prevention of other flu virus. Is the jab too strong for children .I took it 1.5 yr ago myself and i found it very effective Any advice?
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    Reliable Colostrum Powder For Children

    Hi parents, Anyone give colostrum powder to your kids? It is not a formular milk but more like a health supplement to boost up immunity and against bacteria , virus etc... i notice there is not much supply in Singapore.There is some from Malaysia health care co. saying product from new zealand...
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    Place To Go In Singapore

    Hi,anyone has good recommendation on where to bring our kids during the weekends.Sometimes i am at a lost of idea of where to go.My family dun own a car and we usually travel by public transport like mrt, taxi I am not keen of shopping mall lately...all the malls are almost the same with the...