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    Printable Tooth Chart

    i start brushing my babies' gums at 4 months with infant toothbrush so that they get used to brushing. Just use water to brush. I started using toothpaste when they are 18 months old and know how to spit out the water. Don't worry if they swallow as it's very minimal. Hope this helps.
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    Printable Tooth Chart

    Suggest sending him to a dentist asap. Could be cavities and you need treatment asap. Do you nurse him to sleep? Try not to as that can cause cavities. I give my 2 children a little water after every feed. I use a dropper for my 4 month old and my 22 month old now drinks from her bottle of...
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    Thumb sucking - Teething?

    Hi Your baby could be teething. Babies start their fingers months before their first tooth spout. My 22 month old started sucking her fingers at 3 months plus and my 4 month old started sucking at 2 months. Every baby is different. Try giving him pacifier - you may need to try different...
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    y cannt drink plain water during confinement period?

    For those that are confused, I suggest listening to your gynae :) Apart from ordering confinement tingkat, I did not have any different drinks during my confinement last year. I even drank cold water and I'm not any weaker too:) As for water retention, your body needs water (our body is made...
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    bathing during confinement period

    After i gave birth and woke up from painkillers, took a shower immediately in the hospital. Normal shower (shampoo, soap etc). I did not do anything different in terms of showering (twice a day, washed hair, etc) except that I shower with water that is warmer than usual. I also did not have...
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    Need recommendation on gynea that is able to operate at mount alvernia

    Hi Nurjanna Try Dr Lai Fon-Min from A Company for Women. His clinic is at Camden Medical Centre (next to Tanglin Mall/Traders Hotel). I've been seeing him for many years and he'll be delivering my 2nd baby within this week :) His clinic number is 63336181. Hope this helps and CONGRATULATIONS!
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    Any recommendation for good playgroup/childcare in Jurong West?

    Hello mummies I will like to ask if anyone has good recommendation of a playgroup/childcare in Jurong West? I intend to start my daughter for half-day sessions when she turns 22/24 months (she's now 18 months). Not intending to start her full swing of full day for a start in case she dreads...
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    Any good washing machine to recommend?

    Toshiba for top loading
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    birthday party for 1 year baby

    Hi If you don't want to do too much cleaning up, it will be good if you can hold it in a condo"s function room. I had my baby's full month at my cousin's condo function room, but unfortunately it wasn't available during for 1 yo birthday so I held it at McDonald's Jurong Central Park. I...