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    High Tea Buffet - Looking for a great place to eat Tim Sum

    The one at Tim Ho Wah is awesome....been going there stop or else CNY clothes can't squeeze in.
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    I want to take a global travel insurance cover, any suggestions, Please.

    I used AIG for full yr coverage as I travel quite often. I lost a luggage once....the compensation is not bad and very efficient.
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    Guitar/Ukulele Lessons anybody?

    Think of taking up ukelele for Hope I'm not too old for it! Thanks will check it out.
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    piano or violin?

    I send both to either. Now they can play as a duo. Performing during family gatherings!
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    Science tuition

    My children have been getting constant improvement from 50++ to 70++ after joining this tuition. The lessons are very interactive and my children love it. Any parent keen to know more, pls pm me.
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    Any Idea / Recommend Tuition center for K1 or K2 ?

    I'm have some to recommend if any mummies are keen. Pls PM me.
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    How couple manage their finances

    Mostly we contribute half each. Any thing to do with home, I'll settle. Bigger sum, ask hubby.
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    Camping Tips with Children

    We love camping. Especially in cooler countries. Tried once few years back in Australia. It was fun for the kids, to come in contact with nature up close.
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    Best Credit Cards to Use Abroad?

    I usually bring 2 or 3. Just in case. Some can even earn high points if use oversea. So...happy swiping!
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    Any one with good chinese tutors or tution centers to recomend

    Hi, I'm seeking a 作文班 for my kids. Any good ones to recommend? Tia
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    Eyelash extension

    My friend did it. It looked so nice and real. Now her eyes like sunflower like that! Will do it for this year CNY! Be the talk of the family.
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    The best eye makeup remover you ever used...

    Anyone tried faceshop or body shop ones before? I tried loreal n kao, not bad:)
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    Itchy down below, how to get rid of it

    Wear cotton undies, eat more yoghurt:)
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    Beware! Dishonest and Pervertic Tutor

    This fellow is out again to prey on our young ones?! OMG! Got to warn the mummies at those areas. Wolf in sheep's clothing!
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    Any recommendation for good English private tutor for Pri. school ?

    Hi, are you seeking home or centre? Just to warn you with regards to this lady who is hanging around rivervale mall and Compasspoint areas giving Flyers and claiming to be an ex-MOE teacher. Don't EVER hire her. She gave me headache.
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    How do you manage to keep your hair dandruff free?

    ThE type of shampoo and how oily your hair get throughout the day is a factor as well. I wash mine daily.
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    WHich is your favorite hobby?

    Gardening....tending to my plants and seeing them blossom is so happy:)
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    MIL opened children Ang pow

    No way! I will be pissed too. No right to do that.
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    Wow, Essay competition with more than $13000 cash & vouchers giveaway.

    My kids came back this wed and told me they saw the essay competition being posted in their school. Their teachers are asking the students to join in. Just saw their new video, it's even nicer! Just like movie! The Sacrifice - YouTube
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    Wow, Essay competition with more than $13000 cash & vouchers giveaway.

    Hello mummies, did you read the essay written by the winner from the Thriller theme?? one word="Wow"