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    who here always use cotton bug to dig new born baby

    nose? always say inside got nose shit n wann dig out. in e end baby cry like shit.
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    who here always force new born baby up to 3-6 mths

    sleep during night? maybe 10pm onwards. if baby awke u will carry up n pat...
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    C sect

    Takes how long to recover? After one month able to eat chicken etc other yummy food?
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    Logan tea

    Do u ladies made those Logan tea for a month to drink as replace normal water? The tea made up of red dates, Logan, some trees parts too.
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    BF will make newborn baby poo poo

    easier and fastest is it? I realised my new born baby girl poo poo quite fast after I bf her... do u have similar suitation?
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    hello All, my baby girl now is 11 months le but only got 2 teeths at bottom. Her this 2 teeth is like since 3th month till now... how come still haven come out the rest lei? wann feed her more solid food also cant.. haiz...
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    Air Purifiers

    OSIM WebShop - Air Purifiers any mothers buy above product and put inside the living room or baby room?
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    Food List

    any1 knows where can get the food list following baby's months.. those food which baby cannot eat first one?
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    Hello Parents.. how many of you actually send ur baby to kinderland when reached 18 months? I'm thinking of this school..
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    Online baby products

    i saw that i saved a few url in my bookmarks & would like to share with my fellow parents... Luvbabies by Kim Sang - Luvbabies by Kim Sang Medical Hall finderskeepers-spore: Rising Star Girls Shoes Baby Care Basics - Huggies Singapore Similac - Luvbabies by Kim Sang KIDZLOFT - Online Baby...
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    water bottle brush

    Hello Mummies.. can i check what type of brush/where to buy do u use to clean the milk water bottles? i'm been trying to find some good quality brush but in vain. those brush in kiddyPalace dont really nice to use..
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    8 months

    Finally my baby turned 8 months le.. time flyyyyyyyyyyyyyy can i check what new food/fruit can i give my baby? Thanks in advance
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    sian.. my baby 7.5 months got ulcer near the throat there.. can the chinese medicine water melon powder apply inside? we bring her see doc le.. she got 2 medicine.. one for fever which is orange color. And other medicine is white for throat. now baby crying alot coz when she hungry she cant...
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    Light red spot

    just now noticed some minor light red spot on my 5.5 months baby. Spotted around below her chin, below ear. any1 knows what might have caused this? Kind of worry if she continue to develop this sign till midnight, may have to bring her to KKH since is 24hrs. She also has some minor fever which...
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    How old can Infant

    go into swimming pool? coz swimming pool put chloride.. so not gd for baby.. my baby about 5 months.. just sign up baby spa.. quite expensive :err::err:
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    Force Drinking

    Hi All, My baby just turn 5 months old. Now drinking at most 2.5 scoops only which will last about 3hrs. Problem is mummy will always force baby to drink the milk despite baby dont wann drink finish. Now baby got 1 small little tooth.:Dancing_wub: I dont understand y mummy insists wann let...
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    Hello mummies, my 4 months plus baby starts to grow teeth le. Can see some one white object below glum. Feel it quite hard... Is it too early to grow?
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    My baby just turn 4 months and sudden she is having diarrhea. I think from monday or tuesday. Went to see doc le, eat medicine le but till now fri still not recovering at all. :o10: Haiz.. tml early in morin have to bring her to see PD. Now her bum got 2 little red sore skin about 1.5cm on...
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    Baby vaginal area

    hello all experience mummies, can i check my baby girl coming to 4th months while now is still 3 month few days... recently still discovered she having the transparent liquid discharge.. is it normal?? coz i heard normally by 1 month should have gone ... but now 3 months le , sometimes she...
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    Peral Powder

    at which months did mummies start to feel ur baby with above?