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    When to start potty train?

    Too early? Keep telling him when wann poo must go potty ah... Although he is wearing diaper inside.
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    my newborn baby is due for injections. Any recommendations in Yishun?

    Y can't name it? Don't think can hit up to $1.5k siaz... 5-in-1 a.ready foc $500++ save a lot liao
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    who here always use cotton bug to dig new born baby

    but is it a need for newborn baby? i tot normally after 6 months then will be better as baby has grown bigger liao~
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    who here always use cotton bug to dig new born baby

    nose? always say inside got nose shit n wann dig out. in e end baby cry like shit.
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    toddler's fear of hair cut

    u can try giving sweet to ur baby.. then it works maybe
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    22mth toddler cry in playgroup

    this one bo bian one.. if u wann put confirm will cry.. but cry after 1-2weeks ok liao.. zai mummy mummy.. cheers :) my friend son also cry about 2 weeks. Then ok liao.. very routine one~
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    who here always force new born baby up to 3-6 mths

    sleep during night? maybe 10pm onwards. if baby awke u will carry up n pat...
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    My baby is not sleeping enough

    is ok. my first child also has this problem unable to sleep much. light sleeper. haiz... sian...
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    Pacifier for newborn (less then 4wks)

    my baby girl less than one month already with it. use on n off to pacify her.
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    EDD June 2013

    any babies full month and went for 5-in-1 injection? how much is it? polyclinic is foc right?
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    Infant Care Centre

    y u wan send? both side parents unable to look after? u have to prepare baby milk, blanket, pillow, clothing. most centre dont wash clothing for u. so after end of day u have to prepare new set for new day.
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    BF will make newborn baby poo poo

    Does your baby cry often in e night or day?
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    C sect

    Takes how long to recover? After one month able to eat chicken etc other yummy food?
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    Logan tea

    Do u ladies made those Logan tea for a month to drink as replace normal water? The tea made up of red dates, Logan, some trees parts too.
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    EDD June 2013

    mine only drink about 40-60ml siaz... 1 week old.. sad... scared she not enough.
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    BF will make newborn baby poo poo

    easier and fastest is it? I realised my new born baby girl poo poo quite fast after I bf her... do u have similar suitation?
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    Any experience of HDB repainting?

    i tot outside painting the smell will take few hours to clear off since is open to outside air.. and the sun is strong & windy..
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    Are play mats useful?

    BabySpa is selling a few.. Popular bookstore also selling like A-Z or numbers... That time tampines Giant also selling.. I find it quite useful..