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    Is it too early?

    Hi Mummypj, Hope you get you BFP on thenext week if AF not arrive. sometimes you want a bb so much that you will your body into a chemical pregnancy which gives you the symptoms of pregnancy but actually not pregnant, and as a result delay the onset of the next AF. I did that to myself in...
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    IVF/ICSI/IUI general support and Discussion groups 2010

    Hi Ameldat, i have been seeing KKIVF since 2011 when I was 38. I was hesitant like you then to take on the needles, so I tried 2 IUI with failures (1st try low sperm count, 2nd try hubby too stressed to produce). IUI proved too stressful on my hubby as it demands his production on the day i...
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    looking for part time cleaner @ kallang area

    Any recommendations? preferred cleaner staying @ old airport rd/kallang bahru/boon keng/upper boon keng/geylang.
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    WTG 2xFriso $5 discount voucher

    As above. Exp 30 Jun 2013. Self collect Buona Vista Mrt station office hours. Sms or whatsapps 81266373 if interested.
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    Friso Gold 2 400g

    Thread closed
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    Friso Gold 2 400g

    Hi, looking for the above (new label). Prefer to deal at redhill till jurong east mrt stations during office hours. Budget SGD 12/tin. Do whatapps or sms me at 81266373 with expiry date, and meetup location n date/time.
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    Our Little ones' birthday!!

    sphyaw. .. Reng Yang... 15 Nov 2012
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    Member's HOME Location

    i stay at upper boon keng road, just gave birth to a boy
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    Re : Mommies age of 30 and above

    Hi all, i am 39 yo and just gave birth to a boy last month.
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    anyone having her big day on 12/12/12?

    LOL! your baby is a genius if he/she knows how to choose the date:red::red::red::D Hope your hubby gets his wish!!
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    anyone having her big day on 12/12/12?

    My c-sect is on 12/12/12. would like to know mummies having her big day that day too.
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    C-Section Procedure / Experience

    Thanks for the detailed explanation and sharing your experience. It is really helpful!:001_302:
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    C-Section Procedure / Experience

    Hi Jofeny, Did you breastfeed after C-section? Any problems you encounter? I am afraid of labor too, so am considering C-section. Really? first walk took you an hour, and pain during urination?
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    When will baby starts kicking me???

    I will be 15 weeks tomorrow and feeling a warming sensation in the middle of my tummy after lunch almost everyday. Is this the fluttering/butterfly feeling? At night I can feel them (twins) tickling me and make me laugh. Once or twice there was a crampy feeling. I really wonder what are they...
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    Wts: maxi cosi car seat and ameda lactaline dual pump

    i do not hv whatapps. hv pm u my hubby hp no. may i know how long you used it for?
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    Wts: maxi cosi car seat and ameda lactaline dual pump

    may i see pic of the ameda lactaline dual pump. how long was it used for?
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    Edd dec 2012

    Hi Princesses, It is best to avoid half boiled eggs as you do not want to get Salmonella infection from eating uncooked stale eggs. Your immune system is compromised to protect your unborn so it makes you more susceptible to food poisoning.
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    IUI support 2011

    I assume you stand a good chance if you are given the progesterone inserts. front or behind is your choice actually. i go with front cos it is easier to insert.
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    IUI support 2011

    All the best and good luck, lachesis!