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  1. cel.lea

    Piano Teacher Wanted - Grade 3

    I'm urgently looking for a piano teacher for a 13yrs old. Currently on grade 3. Pls pm or email to on the fee. I am staying in very close to Tampines Century Square. This teacher must have a flair with teenagers & leeway on missed dates eg 1 mth holiday. Advance...
  2. cel.lea

    May 2011 Babies !!!

    Dear Mummies Saw lots of Edd thread but none contributing to NB (maybe i missed it). My baby's edd is suppose to be in early june but he became a may baby. I gave birth to my 3rd boy Jonathan May 2011. Born in KKH at 3.3kg. Hope to see more mummy announcing their proud delivery for may...
  3. cel.lea

    Calling Coffee session for Tampines Mummies 2011

    Hi Mummies out there Any interested mums & babies & kids up to 5yrs to meet up? Just a relaxing session for kids/babies to know each other & more for us too. We can chat & exchange tips about parenting. Venue not set but only during weekends, see how respond goes.....
  4. cel.lea

    3yr old language horror

    Can anyone share with me their experiences? My 3yr old is at the stage where he parrot what he hears. He's in a full day centre. I notice differences after his class has a new teacher, i'm not implying he copied his teacher & i can't really tell if it's from friends or teachers. now the sch...
  5. cel.lea

    Any review for Sparkletots PCF?

    Hi I'm new in this site & seeking feedback on Sparkletots child care centre. My son is in one of the new branch. It's my 1st experience dealing with a childcare centre. My toddler had bitten & been bitten. I am having doubts on the school on several issues etc under-staff, 3 mths changes 2...