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    Selling Gain IQ (400g) Stage 3 Growing up Milk - $15 Only

    typo... Typo... So sorry
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    egg yolk for 10mth old

    i introduced my son with egg yolk when he's 10mo, and introduced egg white when he's 12mo (as need to ensure he's okay with egg before getting MMR injection). He has allergy when i start grapes during his first try...after which i re-introduced 2mths, he's fine.
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    Baby born on Year 2010 have not enter to playground or childcare??

    Hi MMbbj & Carline, able to share with me the list in west too? Mine just turn 15mo, tot of finding playgroup for him too. Thanks! ;)
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    TalentPlus Playgroup

    Hi Corinne, thanks! But which branch was that? she not used to it...will cry non-stop too huh? now im wondering should i go for it?
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    Music classes

    Hi, i have enrolled my son for Kindermusik since he's about 10mo till now (15mo). He enjoyed the lesson very much. students ratio is quite big at times, but surprisely the teacher able to capture their attention. Played the Kindermusik CD at home, he can sometimes do the actions taught during...
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    Hi Hi...may i know in end which playgroup did you enroll your kid? my son turning 15mo and im planning to enroll him for 2hr playgroup. any recommendation? thanks! :)
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    TalentPlus Playgroup

    Hi Corinne, may I know how old is ur gal? Seems like quite a number of parents pull child from playgroup due to not used to it. I'm planning to enroll my son for playgroup.
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    Recommendation for playgroup in Bt Panjang area

    Playgroup in Bt Panjang area. Any recommendation? Hi mummies, thinking to enroll my son to 2hr playgroup. Any recommendation for me? There are few such as TalentPlus, TotsHouse, StarsTot, Carpe Diem that are near my place...but not sure how the review about. Any comments on these? Any of...
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    bb at 1 week old
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    Please read before posting

    Hi, realised im facing the same problem that I can't see anything from WTS forum from iPhone