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  1. angelababi

    What should i do .. i feeling of dieing

    My husband n I had live separate for about 2 months plus now since we qurral . At first im thinking of moving into his parents house to live with him but since his parents don't like me that much due to lots of misunderstanding . His father keep chasing me out n don't want me to go into his...
  2. angelababi

    Which / What is the best Game you had play Befor / recently ?

    hi all hahaha im a game addicter lolxx am curious which game you all had play befor and strongly would recommend ? All games PC , PS3, Xbox games ... etc Care to share and recommend ... :001_302:
  3. angelababi

    Does your hubby let U take control on his finance & how far he letting U Control ?

    haha as topic , does your hubby let you take control on his finance ? And how far he will let you take control .. and he wouldn how you feel .. :001_302:
  4. angelababi

    Trying / Way to conceive *Lets add together at facebook and msn

    let add together to share our way , update each other on conceive.. rom for 6 yrs been trying hard for 8 mths quite sad no baby news yet too... WORRIED .. scared it be a long drag.. Care to add .. ? Mine fb is
  5. angelababi

    Trip To Italy Free and easy.. Anyone can share ?

    Hubby and i planning to travel Italy free and easy type.. anyone can share your itinerary or places and accomodation that you have tried? Care to share ? Thanks.
  6. angelababi

    Best Worth Hotel Buffet ?

    hi does any can share & reccomend your best worth hotel buffet :) either lunch / dinner .. weekday / weekend.. the prices.. the old thread seems most of the places changes price nor close down... :( I and hubby had eat at the raffles hotel before.. still ok.. a bit bland the food.. T3 one...
  7. angelababi

    What will you do when your neighbour behave this way ?

    hi recently i had a newly move in neighbour.. WoW to my surprise they had almost 20 people staying inside their house.. Including 8 kids stayin too.. They create alot of noise since they didnt close up their main door.. while i did close mine as my main door abit facing to them .. but still can...
  8. angelababi

    Does Your Hubby Behave This Way..?

    hi recently im babysit my niece at my home, will be babysit her till next month. Since then my hubby will always play with her and bath her after he came back from work.. even he will sometimes set an alarm to wake up in e middle of the night to feed her.. he's good in taking care of my niece so...
  9. angelababi

    Hi everyone ! Im New Here

    hi all , im new at this forum too.. hope to concieve a baby soon ... Happy to join you all.. :)
  10. angelababi

    Any Good Gynae to Recommend in Thomson medicial Center?

    hi, im a first time going to be a mum.. wanting to know any good gynae from thomson medicial centre .. and hows the not good one .. any mummy can share your first time delivery with me.. excited but somehow a bit scare ..
  11. angelababi

    Help ! On Baby Products

    hi , there are so many brands of baby products at the shopping mall :err: may i know which brand is better or all the same ?? The milk bottle etc... Any mummy had buy and can share with me :)
  12. angelababi

    Recipe for Waffle ?? Anyone ??

    hi mummies, does anyone know the recipe in doing waffle ? Those selling at most barkey shop selling @ $ 1 each those green colour pancake ?? Anyone know how to make ? Care to share the recipe ? Thanks
  13. angelababi

    Any one can give me advice on Preg Tester??

    hi currently my ms had not come yet..befor see doc.. thinking of buying preg tester to test .. but there are so many type and brand ... may i know which one is better ?? Or all is the same and accurate ?? Pls advice thanks..:)
  14. angelababi

    ♥ Do You Love Cos Play?♥ Passion in Lingeries ?♥

    Dear sister who is passion in lingeries , Come visit us now ! We have various design of lingerie to choose from neither you are getting for yourself or some role playing with your hubby:001_302: We carrying out premium lingeries from a wide range of exclusive labels at affordable prices for the...
  15. angelababi

    Help me mummies ! I think im gona becom crazy !

    my hubby like to see woman although he always come back home after work stay with me but i notice he alway look at other woman at home or even we are out i cant bare that look this has been 4yrs somehow i feel that one day he will really find a woman and act nothin happen.. as i bring up that to...