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  1. pink_daisy

    babysitter available at choa chu kang way

    hi, babysitter available at choa chu kang way blk 511. pls contact 9762 4733 for more details.
  2. pink_daisy

    when to change milk bottles?

    hi all, how often do u change ur child's milk bottles? every 6mths? tx n rgds.
  3. pink_daisy

    anybody giving away p2 textbooks

    hi all, anybody giving away p2 textbooks? tx.
  4. pink_daisy


    hi all, wat to do if 2mths old baby got hip-cup? tried giving water n gentle patting on the baby but still the same....
  5. pink_daisy

    piano or violin?

    hi all, is piano or violin better? or which one is easier to pickup? cant decide on which one for age between 5-7yrs old..
  6. pink_daisy

    single/ divorced mummies' r/s

    hi all, do u let ur child noe abt ur bf or tat he/she is gg to hv a stepfather in the near future? n how does ur child address ur bf? 'uncle'? if married liao,address as wat? does ur child get along well w ur bf? being a single or divorced mum is not when u found someone u love, do...
  7. pink_daisy

    thread deleted?

    i tink, last wk (sorry cant rem which date but im sure is tis month march), i posted a new thread.. someone replied not too long later.. today i went to check on it again but couldnt find.. i received a pte msg last yr from a mod saying tat repeated threads/posts will be removed/ deleted but...
  8. pink_daisy

    winking/ blinking eyes

    hi all, my boy (gg 7yrs old) recently keeps 'winking/ blinking' his right eye. i don see any swollen or redness on the eyes. he doesnt complain of any pain or itch. anybody knows wats the cause or any similar experience to share?
  9. pink_daisy

    indian wedding

    hi all, ive a wedding invitation from an indian frd who is holding the dinner at an indian temple. may i noe do i give red packets or gifts to the married couple?
  10. pink_daisy

    how much for overnight babysitting?

    hi all, my frd has just given birth n thinking of letting the babysitter tend her baby overnight (from sun night to fri night). only bringing back her baby on wkends. anybody noes how much usually the rate is for such arrangement? (baby shld be abt 3-4mths old by then)
  11. pink_daisy

    new eastern bak kwa

    hi all, i heard from my sis that this new eastern bak kwa (xin dong fang) is quite tender, not very tough to bite/ chew. they have a branch in bishan n toa payoh area. anybody knows where else can get? tx.
  12. pink_daisy

    any cny cookies' recipe to share?

    hi all, anybody has any cny cookies' recipes to share? tx.
  13. pink_daisy

    lazy eyes

    hi all, does lazy eye (detected in a 4yrs old child) mean have to wear specs forever?
  14. pink_daisy

    is there any way to retrieve what has been deleted from the history?

    hi all, is there any ways to retrieve what has been deleted from the 'history'? i cant find the deleted history in the recycle bin..
  15. pink_daisy

    home timetable necessary for a child?

    hi all, do u mummies draw up a timetable for your child to follow (at home), esp for those with schooling kids? my son will be attending pri 1 next yr (afternoon session) n i wonder if a timetable is necessary. being the school hoildays now, how does your child spend his days? my son is...
  16. pink_daisy

    does your partner ogle at the opp. sex?

    hi all, does your hubby/ bf ogle at gals whenever they r out with u (or mayb doesnt even need to be out with u)? does it bother u n do u confront your hubby/ bf?
  17. pink_daisy

    xmas' gifts ideas

    hi all, wat xmas' gifts can i get for my nieces n nephews? age range 4 yrs old - 14yrs old. budget abt $20 per pax. too many nieces n nephews so got a tight budget. any ideas? many tx.
  18. pink_daisy

    shld i get a resale flat near my child's primary school?

    hi all, im thinking of shifting to somewhere near my child's primary school. shld i? my current flat is a new flat..not very comfy with getting a resale flat coz don noe wat kind of ppl the previous owners r etc...
  19. pink_daisy

    any not tat smelly nail polish?

    hi all, my 4yrs old gal wants to apply nail polish on her fingernails n toenails but she cant stand the smell of the nail polish. is not the 1st time she applies n even i find it not too good for her but guess gals r born to wan to be pretty?!? anybody noes which type of nail polish don smell...
  20. pink_daisy

    all abt phoon huat

    hi all. anybody join phoon huat bakery class? or anybody always buying baking stuff from phoon huat?