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  1. pink_daisy

    babysitter available at choa chu kang way

    hi, babysitter available at choa chu kang way blk 511. pls contact 9762 4733 for more details.
  2. pink_daisy

    hi quesmama, sorry for the very late reply. sorry im currently looking after a toddler so cant...

    hi quesmama, sorry for the very late reply. sorry im currently looking after a toddler so cant help u out.. may u hv a smooth delivery ;)
  3. pink_daisy

    when to change milk bottles?

    hi all, how often do u change ur child's milk bottles? every 6mths? tx n rgds.
  4. pink_daisy

    anybody giving away p2 textbooks

    hi all, anybody giving away p2 textbooks? tx.
  5. pink_daisy


    hi all, wat to do if 2mths old baby got hip-cup? tried giving water n gentle patting on the baby but still the same....
  6. pink_daisy

    piano or violin?

    the 'trial' that they hv is a 3mths package...cost abt $ time payment. must buy the violin the book..will cost abt $200
  7. pink_daisy

    piano or violin?

    hi all, is piano or violin better? or which one is easier to pickup? cant decide on which one for age between 5-7yrs old..
  8. pink_daisy

    Single Father

    ya tink u shldnt ask a child so much.. children can b very sensitive..tat is, they can sense wat's happening around try not not to fight infront of kids..n y do u wan to noe wats happening at the child's mother's side?? since already gg to divorce, y wan to noe so much abt her?
  9. pink_daisy

    single/ divorced mummies' r/s

    will ur fall for younger guys? say 3yrs younger than u?
  10. pink_daisy

    single/ divorced mummies' r/s

    haha! open eye big big oso no use leh.. man wan to change, we oso cant do anything..
  11. pink_daisy

    single/ divorced mummies' r/s

    ya...haven married one pattern.. after married is another pattern... scare history repeat
  12. pink_daisy

    single/ divorced mummies' r/s

    ya..but i tink u still must tink for urself..coz one day ur child will grow up n hv his own life...i oso tink it tis day, my children will grow up, no need me to b by their side..they oso might not wan me by their side really, if a nice guy comes along, must tink carefully...
  13. pink_daisy

    single/ divorced mummies' r/s

    ya..i oso scare later the man's side..don noe wat they tink... married one gal, get one small one oso...scare ppl say tis say tat... although man can say don mind, just let ppl say but in a way, we still r abit affected
  14. pink_daisy

    single/ divorced mummies' r/s

    ya same...scare liao...don wan to hv a 2nd failed marriage...
  15. pink_daisy

    single/ divorced mummies' r/s

    hi all, do u let ur child noe abt ur bf or tat he/she is gg to hv a stepfather in the near future? n how does ur child address ur bf? 'uncle'? if married liao,address as wat? does ur child get along well w ur bf? being a single or divorced mum is not when u found someone u love, do...
  16. pink_daisy

    Treatment by boss towards me and hubby.

    actually, to b honest, topping up first aid boxes n putting up notices r part of ur job scope.. but since u r pregnant, is better to hv a talk w ur immediate superior b4 things get worse...if the talk failed, mayb u can speak to ur human resource? see any suitable posts for u to do a transfer to?
  17. pink_daisy

    Need ppl stay beside after c-section while still in hospital?

    i oso c-section...don really need ppl to stay beside.. u can slowly walk urself if need to go toilet... my hubby got come n visit during the visiting hrs after tat must go back mah.. don worry too much...
  18. pink_daisy

    how to swop to KKH fm NUH

    yes, if u wan to be on subsidised rates, u hv to go back to polyclinic to ask for referral letter again.. i oso wanted to transfer my gal out fm nuh to kkh for some other medical reasons. ive already asked both hospitals n they said tat is the only way to enjoy subsidised rates. if u don hv the...
  19. pink_daisy


    is the brand kose? in bottle form? the person told me only kose got such 'blackmask' ($29)
  20. pink_daisy

    Cookies, Cupcakes, Muffins lovers !!

    ic..tx for sharing..