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    There's something wrong with my husband

    Hello mommies I'm not sure if it's okay to ask about it. It's kind of embarrassing for me, but here it goes. I am happily married to my husband and we have cheerful and fun-loving kids. I don't think there's something I could ask for. I'm happy with my family. However, I somehow noticed some...
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    Working mom of 3 children

    Having three children is hard especially when you're a working mom. I am afraid that they will feel unloved because I have no time for them. What can I do?
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    Technology and your eyes

    How do you protect your eyes from everyday usage of electronics and technology?
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    Crazy twin and a youngster

    I have a twin and a youngster and they are certainly driving me crazy. They are so energetic that they drain my energy at noon. To add salt to injury, I'm not sure if my husband is sympathetic at all. How can I manage our home, my kids, and my husband? They are all stressing me out. Do you have...
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    Getting a personal loan for a trip to Hawaii

    My husband and I are going to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this October, I wanted to surprise with a vacation to Hawaii. the problem is, I am not sure if the money I saved would be able to cover all our expenses. Has anyone here been to Hawaii? do you have any idea on how much I will...