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    Sharing my experience : Reading long Chinese novels at 7 years old

    We are an English speaking family, but both my kids are able to read long Chinese novels by 7 years old. Check out my blog : Tamarind Village: Reading long Chinese novels by 7 years old Most parents do not realize the importance of Chinese until it is too late. They panic when kids do not do...
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    How to encourage a child to write

    This thread is meant for kids before 6 years old, who are learning to write. Many parents send their kids to creative writing class, however if the child cannot even write in sentences, then the class will be useless. I would like to share my experience about how to encourage kids to write...
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    Blacklisting Maid

    Beware of this phsychotic maid ! Comments about maids by employers in Singapore: Evangeline Reubal Dillo (Filipino)
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    Maid hitting baby

    I have included a video showing a maid hitting a baby in my blog. Please check it out. Comments about maids by employers in Singapore The maid has not been blacklisted. So she may be employed to work again in Singapore, and another baby may suffer ! Please take note of her name and particulars...
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    My Alaska Cruise

    My hubby and I went on a cruise to Alaska in 2002 for our second honeymoon. Finally got time to create my blog, including photos of the amazing scenery. I have also listed the detailed costs. Please feel free to view. My Alaska Cruise on Star Princess
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    Teaching your child to read

    Hi all, I would like to share my experience teaching my girl to read using phonics and other methods. Please feel free to view my blog.
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    Maid Agency Reviews

    Hi all, I have created a list of agencies and customers reviews here. Please feel free to view. Singapore Maid Agencies Reviews Please feel free to send me your reviews of the maid agencies you have used before, good or bad also can. Don't worry you will remain anonymous. This will benefit...
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    Do not hire these maids !!!

    Hi all, I have included a list of maids that you must not hire, as well as their employer's comments. Please read this before hiring a maid ! Hiring a maid in Singapore Click Comments about maids by employers on the left column.
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    I visited Hokkaido, Japan alone in September 2005. I only have time to complete my blog now, including photos of the lovely scenery. Please feel free to view. Do click on the photos and enlarge for a better view. Alone in Hokkaido
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    Krabi with kids

    Krabi is a fantastic destination for families with kids. Much better than Phuket. I have bought my 2 kids, age 4 years old and 3 years old to Krabi recently. Please view my photos here of the lovely islands and resorts at Krabi. Krabi with Kids
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    Anyone going to hire a new maid ?

    Please check the following page before you decide on a new maid, to make sure that she is not one of the problem maids. Comments about maids by employers Please feel free to email me your comments if you have a problem maid and wants to warn other employers. My email address is...
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    Eyelash Perming

    Anyone did eyelash perming before ? Does it only curl lashes upwards ? How long does it stay ?
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    Hello from Tamarind

    Hi, I am tamarind. Full time working mommy of 2 kids. 4 year old girl and 3 year old boy. Feel free to visit my blog. Tamarind Village First time posting here. This forum looks very nice and very well organized ! I see some familiar nicks from other forums. Wave wave :001_302: