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  1. Dragontail

    EDD August 2013

    Would like to know if any mummies-to-be will be having Aug13 babies too :) I was tested with BFP few days ago. Hope to see more ladies joining this thread.
  2. Dragontail

    Cervical Position

    Anyone here checks their cervical position while TTC? I've read about it recently and have been trying to figure it out for many weeks but I just couldn't locate it. Until today I finally found it! I realised I landed the finger in the wrong position :p I know this method may not be quite...
  3. Dragontail

    Basal Body Temperature

    Anyone charting your BBT while TTC? I'm starting to do so because my TCM sinseh instructs me to. I believe I'm ovulating now as I'm having the right mucus, and the timing base on my LMP. But my BBT doesnt seem to be able to chart any temperature shift. My temperature so far hovers around...
  4. Dragontail

    WaterBay Punggol EC

    Waterbay EC @ Punggol Anyone eyeing on this project? Am waiting for it to launch officially.
  5. Dragontail

    Recommended Books

    Hi MTBs, now that we're into 2nd trime, I think it's good to start reading to our unborn babies =) What are the recommended books you may share? If you read the same book to your unborn baby regularly, they will find that book soothing and settling when born as he/she is familiar with it. I...