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    Home-based business for takeover (Babysitting agency)

    1.5yr old home-based business for takeover. Good potential business. List of good nannies + potential customers database. Letting go coz I have too many business at hand. Email me for more info.
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    Looking for one admin and one secretary

    Looking for one personal assistant and one secretary. Must have experience, diligent and have initiative. Good pay! Jobscope of PA: • Manage email correspondence. • Manage and maintain Director’s calendar/schedule. • Preparation of greeting cards to client. • Consolidate all tax invoices and...
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    Looking for mommy bloggers

    Pls PM me if ur a mommy blogger :)
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    How do you pump milk in office?

    Hi mommies.. just wondering if my office doesn't have any 'secret room' for me to pump milk.. what can I do? I cant possibly last 9am - 6pm.. Mine is electric pumps.. Actually I did think of getting a manual pump and do it in the toilet but felt disgusted by the idea.. I'm milking my baby food n...
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    Credit Card promoters and telemarketers needed urgently!

    -No exp needed. Only diploma and above. Singapore and PR only. Salary $2500 per month exclu commission and bonuses.. Can earn up to $10K a month! Part time positions available too.
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    Clearblue Fertility Monitor w 40 test sticks (Brand new)

    Hi, I have a Clear blue fertility monitor for sale. It's brand new, never used before. (Only open to see if its working) Comes with 40 test sticks. It have a high success rate of tracking your ovulation days. For more info, can PM me. Selling $250..
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    WTS: Gurdian Ovulation Test Kits & Clearblue Fertility Monitor + 20 sticks

    One pack (3 kits) brand new and unopened + 2 loose test kits unopened. Selling $32. Postage included. Clearblue Fertility monitor + Fertility sticks (exp 12/2013). Selling $225. Brand new set, only open up to test the working condition. Watsons retails for $300+ The Clearblue Fertility...
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    Will hep B vaccination affects TTC-ing?

    anybody noes?