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  1. tika

    Your toddler n public toilets.

    My 2 year old just completed potty training. Just wish to know what are ur procedures when u bring toddler to public toilets (for girls). Do u bring ur own toddler seat? Do u buy disposable toilet seat covers for ur toddler to use? Etc.
  2. tika

    Play Sessions@MarineParade/Siglap/EastCoast/Kembangan

    Recently just moved to Lorong Marzuki. Have 2 girls, 2 yrs and 9 mths. Anyone interested in organizing (together with me) play sessions for our children? Since it's the holidays there are plenty of activities available for our toddlers to explore. There's a mini theatre performance (Cats)...
  3. tika

    Parent-Child workshop (Playtime!)

    Anyone interested? I'm going with my 2 year old. :) Parent-Child Workshop: Playtime Playtime is an interactive workshop specially designed for parents and their young children (2-4 years old) to interact, bond and learn within a safe and fun environment through creative play and structured...
  4. tika

    How to potty train siblings who are only a year apart?

    Anyone with children just 1 year apart? At what age did u potty train the older child? My dd1 is 2 yrs old and second one is 8 months. I've been trying to potty train dd1 for a week now but it's been pretty nitemarish. When accidents happen, dd2 is either crying for attention or crawling...
  5. tika

    Need recommendation for prop agents.

    anyone can recommend good hardworking prop agents to help me market my home. preferably someone who has closed deal for you before and has many years experience. pls contact me at thanks.
  6. tika

    Do parents/mothers really know what's best?

    I had this discussion with hubby many times. most latest discussion was 4 hrs ago. And I haven't slept cos my brain is reeling with many many questions...(plus I can't get the tune touched by an angel by sezairi out of my head as well.) We've heard the phrase parents/mothers know what's best...
  7. tika

    $15 Speech & Drama Trial Class, Sat 20/02, 3pm

    Check out website Colourful Hearts for more info. I've scheduled a TODDLES session (1 - 2 yr olds) for this sat 20th feb 3pm. Trial session is $15, 45 mins - 1hr. Anyone interested to join me and other mommies can pm me or contact Melissa @ 90255815. Your child does not have to be able to...
  8. tika

    suggestions needed for 2nd birthday.

    Hi mommies , When my first born turned 1 year old, we did not hold a grand party to celebrate it, mainly because we think she's too young to understand and appreiciate her special day. Her 2nd birthday is approaching in 2 months time and I wish to hold a mini celebration. The main objective...
  9. tika

    Where to go to pierce baby's ears?

    Firstly, I just want to make it known that I do not wish to debate on whether its right or wrong to pierce a baby's ear. :) Secondly, for those mommies who did get their babies' ears pierced, where did you go to get it done? What was the method used and how well did your baby's ears heal...
  10. tika

    Singapore Babysitter Beats and Kicks Toddler.

    Im not a violent person but i wish this person gets killed. She shd die the most horrible way. She must be the Devil in human form. This video is Not for the faint hearted. singapore babysitter beats up toddler
  11. tika

    Yoga for Positive Tots (16 mths -3 years old), Birth & Beyond

    I'm interested in the following Programme. However they need 4 toddlers to sign up before they can open a class. I'm asking for a TRIAL CLASS. So other mommies who are interested, pls include your name below and PM me your contact number. Once I have enough signups, I will sms you the preferred...
  12. tika

    Anyone's toddler walks with feet turned in? Also known as Pigeoned Toe.

    Anyone? My misha was limping 2 months ago due to a hip infection. KK dr gave Ibuprofen to fight the infection. Then her limp went away. But the last 3 days, i notice she's limping slightly again. So after careful observation, i notice her right feet turns in when she walks. Its causing her to...
  13. tika

    did you feel immediate LOVE for your baby?

    I did not for my first baby. I read so many articles saying first time mommies will feel so much love for their babies the moment they see them. I did not have such a feeling. In fact i remember i was shocked by how ugly she was. 2 weeks after delivery, I still did not feel the love for my...
  14. tika

    toddler calls me Baby instead of Mommy! How to reverse?

    My hubby and I were lying in bed with our toddler one evening. We were talking abt things in general when I got engrossed with an sms and I turned away from him. We use the term 'baby' and 'sayang' when referring to one another and at that pt of time, he was calling me baby many times to get my...
  15. tika

    how to chg email address of account?

    i have an email address B i want to chg my current email address A to. However when i did it at User CP, it says email address B already in use. I'm puzzled how that is possible since im the one who owns my email address B?
  16. tika

    YP Mag Cover Top 10 Finalist, Pls vote for my girl!

    my little toddler Misha is one of the Top 10 finalists for Young Parents Cover Baby 2009, December issue. If you think she deserves to be the next Cover Baby,and you have Aug/Sept/Oct issues of the magazine, turn to page 74 and vote for B14 via the coupon provided. Appreciate it very much! :)
  17. tika

    Dunstan Baby Language - understand the meaning of baby's cries

    Anyone heard of the following system? I saw the lady on Oprah Winfrey. I am very tempted to buy the DVD. The Dunstan Baby Language teaches you to hear exactly what your baby is communicating. As a parent, you will be able to interpret your infant’s sounds and cries – and respond to their...
  18. tika

    Anyone taking/have taken Dostinex?

    care to share your experiences? i've been taking since thursday. the engorgement pain is unbearable. :(
  19. tika

    Csect in afew hours, Feeling paranoid, hopefully history doesn't repeat itself.

    Later today, I will be checked into TMC for my scheduled csect at 3pm. Super nervous. Don't think i can sleep easily tonight. But come to think about it...i dunno any pregnant ladies who CAN sleep easily at night. Second baby for me but still nerve wrecking! Will update this thread tomorrow...
  20. tika

    Bukit Panjang Mommies....!

    To all who join this thread, pls refrain from introducing yourself once and then not participate in anything else. The reason for the existence of this thread is so that BP Mommies to get to know each other and for our babies/toddlers to meet up for playgroup sessions once every month. :)...