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  1. jeSsie_Dz

    Making more / extra cash...

    today i was recommended by an online pal.. on this FOC webbie tat u earn while u reply to their posting.. its an ez job i suppose for most SAHM>... u also get extra when u refer pals in.. myLot
  2. jeSsie_Dz

    Left or Right Handed??

    its me again!! so would u insist ur kiddos on using right hand to do things(like makan time or writing) most old folks will tend to say NO to left hander.. :)
  3. jeSsie_Dz

    Potluck gathering @ MAe's home..

    What's a POTluck party?? :wewink:everyone to bring a dish or something to share with everyone.. Place of party?? :we3wubclub: Mae's house @ hougang central Date of party?? :we3wubclub:1st Sept2007 **Saturday** Time of party??:we3wubclub: 2pm Highlight of the day?? :magneta: the announcement &...
  4. jeSsie_Dz

    How did u get to know about mummysg??

    hi,just getting curious of wat came by to you.. of leading you into our big family at MummySg?? :tlaugh: appreciate very much for ur polling..
  5. jeSsie_Dz

    Friendster of mummies/daddies..

    hi hi,recently had set up a friendster acct for mummysg.. if you are also a khaki in friendster please do add (ME)-mummysg in as well.. find @ hope to see ya add soon!!
  6. jeSsie_Dz

    dialects..would u let ur kiddo learn??

    just curious.. if u (mamis/dadis) would allow ur kiddo/s to learn dialect language?? source of learning can be from you,ur spouse or any other family members.. :)
  7. jeSsie_Dz

    hi,all.. New mummy reporting~~ :)

    hi,im a sahm for two kiddos born in 2005 & 2006.. hope to know more mummies frenz frm here~~ :)