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  1. nancy

    Highchair Opinion needed

    Hi Shuffle, I am also looking for a high chair and was keen to get the Graco teatime high chair but it is out of stock at the moment. Even the distributor also does not have it. The high chairs will probably come in next month. I have bumbo seat which my girl dislikes sitting in it after she...
  2. nancy

    Teething biscuit

    I have been giving my girl teething biscuits when i suspected that she was teething and now with 4 teeth, she can bite the biscuits at a faster rate. However, don't let your child finish up the biscuit cos it may cause choking. The moment the biscuit has become too short that it can be put right...
  3. nancy

    Should I start my 12 month old baby with Stage 2 or stage 3 formula?

    Hi, My baby is turning 1 yr end of May and she is still being breastfed, in addition to solid food, but without any formula. I am thinking of switching to formula after she has turned one. I have decided on Gain IQ since many mothers are feeding their babies with it. However, I was told that I...
  4. nancy

    9 months wakes up in the middle of the night

    M y soon to be 9 mth old baby girl is also like that. Eevr since last Dec when we brought her holiday overseas, she has been waking up in the middle of the night crying for at least 2 to 3 times. She used to sleep thro when she was 4 mths and now she is coming 9 mths and still is not able to...
  5. nancy

    What did your hubby buy for you when you gave him a son?

    My hubby secretly got me a Tempur wedge pillow that costs around $300+ after discount after I returned from the hospital with the baby ( a girl though.. not son).. said that I could then breastfeed more comfortably!! I heart pain man.. rather he gave me the money instead of getting the ex...
  6. nancy

    Finger foods for 7 month old infant

    i gave my baby who is 8 mth old organic apple puff from Organix. It costs $8.95 per container. I find it expensive and recently purchased it at for around S$4+ per bottle (it comes in pack of 6) thro the overseas spree under Spore Parenthood. Maybe you can check it out.
  7. nancy

    Baby Yogurt

    Think you better finish up the yogurt asap before it expires this Sunday. In addition, make sure that the cover for the yogurt is tightly sealed and put away from those raw food, esp those which give off smell.
  8. nancy

    Type of cheese to introduce to baby?

    Anyone can advise me on the type and brand of cheese to introduce to my 8 month plus baby? should i give my baby directly or do I need to cook it?
  9. nancy


    I agreed with you that the checking of the dilation was indeed very painful.. like gana violated by the nurse! ha ha! But after taking epidural, the checking is no longer painful!! Initially I thought of saving $$ so I didn't want to take epidural. However, when I started having my 2nd...
  10. nancy

    How to make pasta tastier for baby?

    thanks. It is actually my maid who is doing the cooking cos I dun know how to cook.. sigh.. How to make chicken macaroni soup? I also bought the Macoroni from Bellamy for my baby too. Thought tomato is citrus and hence should not be recommended for baby at the moment?
  11. nancy

    Relationship with hubby...

    Guess I'm not alone too. My hubby and I only started to get intimate after hte delivery when we brought our baby to KL last dec when she was 6 mths old!! Imagine 6 months plus without a sex life for my hubby! ha ha.. but he never pressurized me during those 6 mths .. thank God! Hence maybe a...
  12. nancy

    How to make pasta tastier for baby?

    I have been using Bellamy's Spelt Pasta Star recently to feed my 8 month old baby as breakfast but she doesn't like it. It is bland and sticky and dry and hence I tried adding carrot and then strain both pasta and carrot together and still she doesn't like it. Her face will cringe up and she...
  13. nancy

    Qns for Mummies with 9mths old infants

    As I'm breastfeeding (baby is 8 and 1/2 months), hence I'm not sure how much my girl is drinking. She slept through the night when she was 4 months old. But since last dec when she was 6 months plus, she suddely woke up crying and I had to put her to sleep beside me (till now too) and nurse...
  14. nancy

    Sleeping through the night

    I give my girl a pacifier and immediately it send her back to sleep again though I do nurse her when she wakes up in the night cos I dun want to "clog" up my breasts.
  15. nancy

    Baby Yogurt

    sorry to intrude... but may I know which type of yogurt to buy? I am pondering to give m,y girl yogurt but dunno which brand/type to get for her
  16. nancy

    Anyone had Stillbirth?

    You're welcome Kichi.. Remember that you're not alone.. Hang in there and really hope to hear good news from you soon :>
  17. nancy

    what electric appliance do u use to puree?

    I bought this Philips hand blender that has 600W (more pwoerful than those normal blenders) at $49.90 and I never regret it! My baby food is totally puree/blended within secs. Save me lots of time!! Before that, I was using Pigeon food maker to puree my baby food and it costs me at least 5 mins...
  18. nancy

    2010 MOMS Birthday Wishlist??

    My birthday wish is for my baby, my hubby,my loved ones and myself to be strong, healthy and happy. Last time I thought that this kind of wish is "rubbish" until I saw my friends' sick babies, and people around me who are sick or physically challenged.. then I know that physical health is so...
  19. nancy

    8mths old Baby, screaming in the middle of the night

    Same here!!! My going to be 8 mth old baby started her crying routine since Dec last yr when she is 7 mth old!! It was and still is a daily/nightly affair. Many pple told me that she may be teething. I really hope so and pray that this "routine" will stop soon...Sigh.. Some pple will suggest...
  20. nancy

    where to sell used sofa, treadmil etc....

    I'm also trying to sell my exercise bike. I post it at You can try it there