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  1. Evaling

    Central Area - Looking For Nanny WANTED at Boon Keng/Whampoa/Bendemeer/Potong Pasir

    Hi mommy, have you found? I stay at bendemeer too and looking for babysitter now. If you have any contact, please share with me? THanks!!!
  2. Evaling

    East Area - I am a Babysitter babysitter service in macpherson

    Hi babe, can intro me to the babysitter you have found? Thanks!
  3. Evaling

    East Area - Looking For babysitter located near to boon keng mrt/farrerpark mrt/lavender mrt/ potongpasir mrt

    My boy is turning 3 this October and is attending childcare at mcnair/towner. I'm looking for nanny or babysitter on ad hoc basis, 7am to 7pm or 6pm to 10pm. Be it my place or care taker place. If is care taker place, I would prefer nanny/babysitter who live in bendemeer, towner road, mcnair...
  4. Evaling

    looking for nanny/babysitter at bendemeer(boon keng mrt), towner

    Hi, my boy is turning 3 in october. I'm looking for nanny or babysitter on ad hoc basis. Be it my place or the care taker place. Call me at 90272715 or email me at
  5. Evaling

    Central Area - I am a Babysitter Babysitter near Lavender mrt, looking to take care of baby for day and night

    Hi, are you still available? what are your charges like? Will you be able to fetch kids or only send to your place?
  6. Evaling

    East Area - I am a Babysitter babysitter service in macpherson

    Hi Eileen, are you willing to travel or do we need to put kid at your place?
  7. Evaling

    Baby Jogger City Select Double in Ruby Red

    Re: Baby Jogger City Select in Ruby Red is it still available? text me at 90272715, thanks
  8. Evaling

    giving birth before due date

    This is the most horrifying post I ever read in my entire life. What do you mean by "He doesn't even care so why should I?" I would advise you to sell yr current child who is healthy & well since u mention yr parent can't accept another baby. Rather then u trying to force yr baby out & go...
  9. Evaling

    EDD Oct 2012 Mummies

  10. Evaling

    EDD Oct 2012 Mummies

    PLease join this fb group yrself.
  11. Evaling

    SGH anyone??

    Ya, i know about that. I think I need to go to room 22. Now then I know. Thanks for yr infor, babe!
  12. Evaling

    SGH anyone??

    After medisave deduction of 1650, they still refund you 300+? How come sooooo good!
  13. Evaling

    EDD Oct 2012 Mummies

    I just created one. Please add yrself!
  14. Evaling

    SGH anyone??

    Hi mummy, just saw yr msg. Is it about $1.8k?
  15. Evaling

    EDD Oct 2012 Mummies

    I try to do up a table here but seems like its not possible to copy & paste easily. Nick Age BB# Hospital Gynae EDD Gender evaling 23 1 SGH Prof. Tan Hak Koon 20/10 boy Mommies, pls try to copy & paste this?
  16. Evaling

    SGH class A1 hospital bill size?

    thanks thanks! I wonder how much would it be for natural birth. Did you place deposit first?
  17. Evaling

    EDD Oct 2012 Mummies

    I book single bed as well. Prefer to have my hubby sleep over. SGH only have 4 bedded or 1 bedded. If I choose 5 or 6 bedded then I'll be delivered by any gynae in the hospital. Only 1 or 4 bedded, I will be delivered by my gynae. Very weird. The price is $300 different only for 1 & 4 bed. SO I...
  18. Evaling

    EDD Oct 2012 Mummies

    Yeah, I started to drink since last week already . Twice a week.