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  1. dloreangel

    Any experience with foot peel masks? can share ur review?

    yooo, new mummy here from singapore, was from houston, Texas in USA due to work. does anyone has experience with foot peel mask? i just read about soft touch foot peel mask reviews and i thought i wanna try some on my feet! been having blisters from heels. been curious to buy some foot peel...
  2. dloreangel

    breast augmentation or enlargement in singapore

    hi hi! i will probably not do this... haha since i praying that my breasts will stay this enhanced size after my baby wean off breastfeeding! lol! but i am very curious about breast augmentation procedures. been reading up on double eyelids (i posted in another thread) so chanced upon some...
  3. dloreangel

    Epicanthoplasty and double eyelid procedures in singapore

    want to have big eyes. lol. anyone who has done this procedure in korea or Singapore, please share? I heard that it is a simple procedure that takes up less than 1 hour, but still a bit nervous as it is so near the eyes. i mean, haha the eyes is sensitive, psychologically speaking. please...
  4. dloreangel

    Hi! New mum in 2017 - Introduce yourself?

    hello everyone! I am going to be a mum soon in a few weeks time. Actually not going to be a smooth birth as baby has not turned and doctor advised me to select a date for C sec. I am a bit nervous and having some physical pains... sigh. got a 1 week MC just only. And my due date is around...
  5. dloreangel

    dividends stock for retirement?

    Any recommendations? After having a baby, been saving up for his university, then realised never even save for my own self. read up a bit and find dividend investing a good way to save, more returns over the years than bank or insurance policies. and better than unit trust too. i read this...